Your experience at Gulf Breeze Recovery is just the beginning. Aftercare support continues long after you or your loved one returns home.

Counselor involvement ensures that everyone is adhering to the guest’s “life plan” and following their individualized recovery blueprint.

Our non-12 step holistic treatment program doesn’t end once you or your loved one graduate from the program. Those who choose to participate in the aftercare option, along with their families, will have access and be actively involved with the graduate’s personal counselor. This counselor involvement ensures that everyone is adhering to and supportive of our guest’s life plan. The Counselor will also assist in clearing up any inconsistencies that may arise and will provide counseling and guidance whenever needed. We are always adding new features to our aftercare as the fellowship and peer support within our community of graduates continues to grow!
Gulf Breeze Recovery’s non-12 step individualized holistic drug rehab program is powerful, transformative and positively influences all aspects of our guests’ new life:

  • Continuation of one-on-one counseling services either directly or via electronic media (ask for details). This leg supports the need to share personal issues.
  • Weekly group meetings via electronic media that is facilitated by a therapist. This leg supports the need to discuss everyday issues concerning life, relationships, avoidance of substances, etc. and is designed to be less intrusive into people’s personal affairs.
  • Secured closed-group electronic forum. This leg supports the need to share, discuss, and solicit feedback from the facilitator and/or other members on immediate issues concerning any topic of concern. This forum can also be used to help you or your loved one “give back” to others by offering insight into someone else’s topic.
  • Access to links that allows you or your loved one to view and listen in on current group and course activities and discussions. This leg supports the need to be reminded and to help deepen the understanding concerning the principles of living a healthy life.
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#1 Medically Licensed Detox

We make the detoxification process safe and comfortable.
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#2 Resistance Reversal

When our guests see who we really are their resistance fades away.
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#3 Physical Health Recovery

Healthy diet, restful sleep coupled with exercise and spa therapies.
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#4 Mental Health Recovery

A cognitive approach to rediscover your innate health and personal resilience.
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Give yourself permission to be happy again!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery we don’t want you to have just a great recovery, we want you to have a great life!

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