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Comparing Physics to Trauma and Alcohol Abuse

The Physics of Trauma and Alcohol Abuse Treatment In 1686, Isaac Newton wrote that three “laws” of physics govern motion. We’re all familiar with Newton’s Third Law — that for …

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Understanding the Stigma of Addiction

People in the throes of addiction sometimes behave in ways that are contrary to social norms. When they lie or steal to get the substance needed to prevent their painful withdrawal symptoms, or when their behavior is aggressive or paranoid because of their substance use, people who know and love them sometimes have difficulty maintaining compassion and sympathy.

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In-Laws’ Drinking Could be Risk Factor in Developing Alcohol Use Disorder

Study Suggests that In-Laws’ Drinking Problems Could be Risk Factor in Developing AUD Addiction researchers have long established a link between alcohol use disorder (AUD) and a family history of …

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CDC Report Highlights COVID-19-Related Increases in Depression, Trauma, and Substance Abuse

Mental health experts and substance abuse treatment practitioners have long been concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic and associated mitigation activities such as physical distancing and stay-at-home orders would lead to increases in depression, trauma, and substance abuse.

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Trauma’s Role in Female Alcohol Use Disorder

New Report Adds to Knowledge Pool About Trauma’s Role in Female Alcohol Use Disorder, Calls for Additional Research A recent report provides new evidence supporting the concept that stress and …