Gulf Breeze Recovery Alcohol Treatment Guest Testimonial “Steve”

Steve started drinking when he was 14 years old.

In college he was drinking five, six, seven days a week and it never stopped and continued to progress as life went on.

“I continued to drink and shifted from beer to exclusively hard alcohol then I started working from home and that was the real beginning of the end.”

Although it already started prior to that, working from home and being able to drink all day was a bad thing for me. I think I knew I was an alcoholic when I was a teenager, but my professional life continued to grow. One day I recognized I needed to dry out, I called a friend and he took me to a place for three nights where they drugged me up and two months later I said: “Well, I think I can drink this weekend, and that weekend turned into a month and I got bad again.

It took me to depths that I've never been to and I knew I had to do something different and I reached out for help, I knew of two people that went through Gulf Breeze Recovery and they said good things about it so I called and I knew within thirty seconds that it was the right place.

It was one year ago today that I came to Gulf Breeze Recovery, and it has been the greatest year of my life.

I came in here in an absolute fog, my liver was distended, and I was falling apart. I just remember being in really bad shape and getting a lot of direct attention and understanding and care from the Doctor and Nursing Staff and when I finally felt able to eat something I had a craving for seedless watermelon, and they got it for me. As I came out of the fog I Gulf Breeze Recovery's non-12 step program: they tap the strengths you already have and they set you up to use those strengths for when you leave.entered the detox in, they started  what they call "Neuro." I think the neurofeedback makes a profound impact on the brain and I needed the reset. I started feeling better and better, the spa was great, it gets the toxins out, and it's just another one of the multiple layers of the process that prepares you for introduction to the three principles: mind, thought, and consciousness.

It's a very targeted program.

It's amazing how you see things with a clear prism and how you can look back and laugh at how alcohol plays those tricks on you because at Gulf Breeze Recovery, they tap the strengths you didn't know that you already have and they set you up to use those strengths for when you leave.

Getting Started with Gulf Breeze Recovery's non-12 step program: THRIVE. Total Health Recovery

Gulf Breeze Recovery a non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab

image of Becky. Our Detox wing has a 24-7 nursing staff with private roomsThe first portion of our program is detoxification.

Here we have 24/7 nursing care to make our guests as comfortable as possible. Guests who are withdrawing from many substances need longer stays in our detox wing which features private rooms with cable TV and other amenities.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is considered a long-term residential treatment facility. We are a serious get off and stay off drug and alcohol program, so we don't market ourselves as a "luxury rehab." However, to be effective, drug and alcohol treatment cannot be viewed as a punishment, so we provide amenities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. These amenities include a private fishing pier, a new pool overlooking the water, chef-prepared meals, private rooms, and more.

After the initial phase of detox, our guests typically participate in neurofeedback as well as spa and physical health recovery. This is combined with mental health recovery, which includes one-on-one therapy, group counseling, and classes to introduce the concepts behind the THRIVE® Total Health Recovery program.

happy young woma in nature for Given the advances in brain science, psychology, and our understanding of addiction, treatment should be based on empowermentNext, getting to know the real you and setting the stage for insight; "The Aha Moment."

The importance Gulf Breeze Recovery places on restoring your healthy sleep schedule, preparing nutritious meals, implementing light exercise, as well as the rejuvenating spa treatment is for more than your physical wellness, it's about preparing your mind.

Although challenging, our guests try to describe the process in their own way (watch unscripted testimonials from more of our guests). Our non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment program helps people to gain an insightful understanding on the deeper "why" or underlying cause and the innocence behind the using and abusing of drugs or alcohol in the first place.

This understanding starts a change from a mindset of the "not doingness" of drugs and alcohol to the "doingness" of living a happy, peaceful, and serene life. In this new state of being relationships are preserved, and the need to use drugs and alcohol no longer make sense.

We help people rediscover their own innate health.

This rediscovery is experienced through one-on-one therapy, group sessions, and classes with facilitator's that have real-life experience implementing the Total Health Recovery principles.

Many of our guests have never been aware of the actual "inside-out" nature of how we experience life, or maybe some have just forgotten. However, once people have an insightful understanding of their innate health and who they are naturally, everything changes for them.

Everyone who enters our program starts to understand that they are not "broken;" but that they have temporarily lost sight of their natural health that is inside all of us.

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Check out some of our features such as our live streaming webcam, Google virtual tour, more unscripted guest testimonials, and our latest feature, "Beyond Addiction" a podcast that explores the frontiers of addiction treatment and explores the inside out understanding that reverses the misunderstanding that is the fertile soil for addiction to take root and grow.

image overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay from Gulf Breeze Recovery live streaming web cam Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.
Web Cam

Visitors to our website see the same view as our guests.

image from our google virtual tour produced by a licensed 3rd party google affiliate from our pool. We are committed to transparency. Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.
Virtual Tour

With our Google virtual tour what you see is what you get.

image from one of our unscripted guest testimonials. Our guests have been extremely generous to allow us to film interviews that are candid and unscripted stories of recovery in their own words. Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

Unscripted testimonials where our guest's tell it like it is.

image from podcast "Beyond Addiction" produced by Gulf Breeze Recovery exploring the cutting edge of addiction treatment from an "inside-out" approach to how we experience life.

Beyond Addiction takes an Innovative Look at Addiction Recovery.

Program logo: Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a true non-12-Step, holistic drug treatment program with licensed mental health professionals who have small caseloads so that they can offer individualized and intensive care and it's called THRIVE®

End Chronic Relapse and Start a New Life!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery we don’t want you to have just a great recovery, we want you to have a great life!

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