female therapist explaining to young woman why 12 step program are not for everyone

12-Step Programs Are Not for Everyone

Many get sober through 12-step programs. These are self-help programs based on attending meetings that are peer supported and peer lead. Individuals “work” the 12-steps to find sobriety and have a sponsor, someone more advanced in their own recovery, who helps them through the recovery process.

young man sitting on couch talking to therapist who is explaining the challenges of recognizing painkiller addiction

Recognizing Painkiller Addiction

Most opioid addiction begins with prescription painkiller use that spirals out of control before a person recognizes what has happened. Many people falsely believe that painkillers are safe because a physician prescribes them, but nothing could be further from the truth. Individuals who rely on prescription painkillers for long-term pain management may develop a dependency,…