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trauma and addiction

Trauma and Addiction

There is an indelible link between emotional trauma and addiction to drugs or alcohol. Scarring experiences, even those that have been relegated to an individual’s subconscious memory, continue to influence their daily behaviors and choices for months, years, or even decades after the dust has settled. To achieve lasting sobriety, clients must be offered guidance…

benefits of partial hospitalization programs

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Healing from a substance use disorder does not conclude with detox. To set the stage for lasting change, clients must be appropriately supported throughout their transition back to regular life. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we are committed to creating individualized recovery plans that allow for the best chance of long-term success. Contact our team at…

chronic relapse

Getting Help for Chronic Relapse

Cycles of chronic relapse can be extremely challenging for clients seeking freedom from substance abuse. These individuals may feel guilty, ashamed, or even hopeless if they cannot maintain perfect, flawless abstinence. However, if these relapses are considered part of the greater healing process, they offer clients powerful opportunities to reconsider their choices. At Gulf Breeze…

sober christmas

How to Have a Sober Christmas

An effective aftercare program will include instructions on transitioning back to regular life more easily, allowing you to surround yourself with the people, things, and activities you love. Gulf Breeze Recovery is committed to complete recovery, including creating a personalized plan to support our clients during key transitions. Call our team at 833.551.2304 to begin…

managing holiday stress

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Managing holiday stress can be challenging during a typical holiday season, doubly so during your first year in recovery. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our comprehensive approach includes an anxiety treatment program, allowing you to return to your regular life armed with more healthful (and effective) coping mechanisms than alcohol or drugs. Call our team today…

self-medicating anxiety with alcohol

Risks of Self-medicating Anxiety With Alcohol

Many individuals in recovery have long personal histories of self-medicating anxiety with alcohol. Because of this relationship, it is imperative that alcohol addiction treatment programs include a comprehensive plan to diagnose any co-occurring disorders and include plans for ongoing mental health support. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we believe that healing must begin within the individual…