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A person thinking about chronic relapse

How To Finally Overcome Your Chronic Relapse

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® program is unlike any other and offers a proven “niche” for those who have struggled with chronic relapse. When you watch the testimonials of past residents, you find that each person’s experience with detox, if needed, and the general entrance into the facility was a pleasant and welcoming transition.

A man wondering, "How long is rehab for alcohol?"

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab: How Long Does it Last?

Inpatient alcohol rehab is an approach to treating alcohol use disorder that involves a residential stay at an addiction treatment facility. People’s first question about this mode of treatment is often, “How long is inpatient alcohol rehab?” Most addiction treatment providers, Gulf Breeze Recovery included, offer inpatient alcohol rehab with program lengths involving 30 days,…

person in therapy being comforted by counselor while reaping anger management benefits

5 Benefits of Anger Management Therapy

In the U.S., nearly one out of ten adults experience impulsive anger issues and struggle to control negative emotions. Those with intense anger can experience physical and psychological pain. Fortunately, you can experience several benefits after participating in an anger management program. A certified therapist can help you learn to recognize your triggers and develop…

person in therapy working through anger management and addiction

Anger Management and Addiction

Anger is a natural emotion everyone experiences when dealing with intense or stressful situations. However, untreated anger can lead to self-medicating, anxiety, depression, and other serious health complications. Understanding how anger management and addiction go hand-in-hand is essential to long-term healing.  At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we welcome individuals who need anger management and addiction treatment. Our…