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effects of alcohol addiction

Physical Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The effects of alcohol addiction can be life-changing, irreversible, and in extreme cases, fatal. This is why it is so important to get the alcohol addiction treatment you need if you are struggling with alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab can seem like an overreaction to a socially acceptable substance. However, when alcohol use affects your relationships,…

veterans treatment program

Benefits of Treatment Specifically for Veterans

Many veterans struggle with substance use because the nature of their work can cause extreme trauma, stress, and physical fatigue. Additionally, service members face the stigma of having mental health issues that traumatic events have triggered. This can sometimes mean that you may not receive the care you need to process old trauma and deal…

non-12 step therapy

What Is Non-12-Step Therapy and Can I Benefit?

Addiction is more complicated than most 12-step programs would make it seem. When addiction is viewed as a disease, it can feel like there may be limited approaches to curing it. But when addiction is viewed through a holistic treatment approach, the treatment options open wide, leading to experiential and innovative ways to best help…

world suicide prevention day

Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day

Over a million individuals die by suicide every year. Because of this, you should be acutely aware of the risk of suicide. World suicide prevention day is an awareness program that helps support individuals who may be struggling with suicidal depression. If you or a loved one needs help treating depression symptoms, Gulf Breeze Recovery’s…

benefits of experiential therapy

3 Benefits of an Experiential Therapy Program

If the thought of sitting on a couch and revealing all of your secrets to a professional stranger makes you nervous, many alternative treatment options could help support your mental health or rehabilitation and wellness journey. While individual therapy is an important part of a treatment process, experiential therapy programs can be the component that…