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Skye’s history of addiction started at a young age, as did her need for validation and approval.

Skye (not her real name) is a young, beautiful woman with a long history of addiction.

image of woman smoke trailing out of her mouth for blog article entitled "Sky's Story of addiction" for Gulf Breeze Recovery non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment programShe explains that her addiction started at a young age, as did her need for validation and approval.  Marijuana was the first substance she used at just 12 or 13-years old, but, over the next 20 years, she went on to use many other substances.  By the time she came to Gulf Breeze Recovery, heroin was her drug of choice. She was also using meth and anything else she could get her hands on.  She admits that, by that time, she would try anything.

She didn’t want to be addicted and, from time to time, would try to stop using. However, she could rarely make it through even one day because the withdrawal was so severe.  In 2012, Skye started a nine-month, 12-step based program, but, after only four months, she left against medical advice. She started using again immediately.

For the next five years, her drug use continued to progress. She admits that, when she hit rock bottom, it was almost like she would think, maybe I can go a little lower.  Rock bottom was a place that she found herself again and again.  Skye felt sure that the drugs would kill her. She was desperate but didn’t know what to do.

Her family relationships were strained. She wasn’t allowed in her father’s house, not even for family gatherings or holidays.  Skye’s children were with other family members because she couldn’t take care of herself, much less her children.  She felt hopeless and worthless.

Skye was not, however, the only person in her family to struggle with addiction. Both of her brothers and their wives were in recovery from addiction, so she knew that recovery was possible. She didn’t really believe that she would qualify for a new way of life, though; after all, she had been heavily addicted her entire adult life.

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The turning point for Skye was Christmas of 2017.

Her brothers and sisters-in-law offered her the opportunity to go to treatment. This was not the first time that her family had reached out to her, but, this time, she agreed. Within just a few hours, her brother and sister-in-law were driving her to Gulf Breeze Recovery.  She said that it all happened so quickly, she didn’t have time to be afraid.

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, she settled into the program and began to learn a lot about herself. She realized that she couldn’t run from her feelings and that she didn’t have to be afraid of them. She even began to see that her addiction had prevented her from learning some of the things that others her age take for granted.  Finally, and with surprise, she began to see her own self-worth and have hope for her future.

Feeling that she needed a slower transition back into the real world, and after successfully completing the program at Gulf Breeze Recovery, she chose to go to a women’s recovery home for another 6-months. At first, she rebelled against the strict rules, having a curfew, not being allowed to have a relationship or even ride in a car with someone of the opposite sex.  But she stuck with it.  Something inside her told her that she was on the right track. She got a job and kept it for a year. She learned the importance of a good aftercare plan and followed the one she had made for herself. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, she learned to listen to the wisdom that whispered to her in moments of clarity. Although her aftercare plan was more structured than others', it was a plan she made for herself from her own wisdom. She went to support meetings and came to value friendships with others who were improving their lives and choosing to be substance free. She now recognizes that the six months was a good choice for her.

"If I could do it, anyone can."

Skye has now been substance-free for fifteen months, and every aspect of her life has changed for the better. For the first time in her life, she has her own apartment. She is working and has a good income. She has chosen to still not get involved in a relationship and instead is focusing on the present and learning who she really is.

image of woman smiling looking out of window for blog article entitled "Sky's Story of addiction" for Gulf Breeze Recovery non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment programShe recognizes the fear that people with addiction face when thinking about going into a treatment program.  “It’s frightening,” she explained, “to relinquish control and to allow other people to show you how to live.  I had to learn to become humble and to get out of my own way.”

“It is all worth it,” Skye emphasized, “help is available.” With a touch of humor, she added, “But then you find out it truly is an inside job, and you can do it. You can always be who you were meant to be.”

“If I could do it, anyone can,” she said.  “When people want to help you, let them!”

What a difference a year makes.  Christmas of 2018, Skye spent time with her family and reconnected in ways she had not thought would be possible. She was welcomed at her father’s home and spent time with her daughter.

The advice Skye would give someone who has been through chronic relapse, “Don’t give up!  Take a chance to be something different.  Some people don’t have that opportunity.  Get treatment – you are worth it!”

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