image of woman facing stigma of addiction

Understanding the Stigma of Addiction

People in the throes of addiction sometimes behave in ways that are contrary to social norms. When they lie or steal to get the substance needed to prevent their painful withdrawal symptoms, or when their behavior is aggressive or paranoid because of their substance use, people who know and love them sometimes have difficulty maintaining compassion and sympathy.

How to Break through Denial in Addiction

Denial is the inability to see the truth of one’s addiction. Four hundred years ago, Galileo looked at the night sky with the newly invented telescope and declared that the …

girl holding the peace-sign in front of the camera with two fingers for a blog article for Gulf Breeze Recovery entitled: "3 Tips on how to reconcile Forgiveness with setting Boundaries"

3 Tips: Forgiveness and Setting Boundaries

Before you read watch: “What Bob learned about forgiveness at Gulf Breeze Recovery” Three practical tips on how to reconcile Forgiveness with setting Boundaries Our world seems to be full …

a man with his head and face

Why Overthinking Things Is Wasting Your Time and 5 Ways to Stop

Overthinking? How many of you laughed 
because this meme describes you? We don’t often think about having an addiction to our thinking, but the truth is that overthinking is one of …