Gulf Breeze Recovery's THRIVE program is a non 12 step holistic program different from any other in the world. It Works.

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image of front of Gulf Breeze Recovery a non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab specializing in helping guests overcome chronic relapseBefore finding Gulf Breeze Recovery, our guests often report having been to multiple rehabs and essentially experiencing the same program over and over. Sometimes people are told that they failed to maintain sobriety because they didn't want it badly enough.  For many, this message creates the thought of feeling defeated and being incapable of change.  Several of our guests reported that they felt "broken" like something must be terribly and irreparably wrong with them. Gulf Breeze Recovery starts with the principle that you are not broken!

Our program is different and based on hope and wellness. For many who have tried multiple programs and who thought they were broken, the program works! Don't just survive addiction, let us show you how to THRIVE!

Watch their unscripted testimonials
to hear their whole experience.

Our results speak for themselves. Listen to the former guests' video testimonials below. If you or a loved one is experiencing chronic relapse in addiction, know that lasting, transformational change IS possible. The revolving door in and out of sobriety, in and out of treatment facilities, and in and out of misery stops here.


"I did a 12-step and a Scientology rehab and I couldn't wrap my mind around either one of those. A thing has to make sense in order for to understand it, and this program made sense to me."


"I was in a year-long rehab but my heart wasn't in it. I knew I was gonna get high and within two hours after leaving rehab I was high. The main difference this time is I did it all myself."


"I've been to almost thirty detox's, 30-day programs, a halfway house, I just felt like there was so much negativity and I didn't like that you were labeled a drug addict and you have a disease."


As Anthony describes it: For the last three and a half years I didn't miss a day using methamphetamines. Then I found Gulf Breeze Recovery, or it found me.

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The THRIVE program was developed by a team of addiction recovery experts who wanted to help people understand the true underlying cause of their addiction problem. Rather than band-aid feelings of discomfort with the routines, rituals and doctrines of traditional treatment models, this program focuses on root cause. The team also focused on the unmet needs of those who were suffering with chronic relapse. This focus helped to create a program that represents a paradigm shift in the current model for addiction treatment to a more effective method.

The THRIVE program is different.

The THRIVE® program is a holistic approach to overcoming Chronic Relapse that employs foundational principles of psychology to reacquaint individuals to their own natural health, resiliency, and serenity. This insight-based method helps people rediscover and reconnect to who they really are.

Program logo: Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a true non-12-Step, holistic drug treatment program with licensed mental health professionals who have small caseloads so that they can offer individualized and intensive care and it's called THRIVE®

End Chronic Relapse and Start a New Life!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery we don’t want you to have just a great recovery, we want you to have a great life!

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