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Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Recovery Begins with Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

Drug and alcohol addictions are common.  Some people use alcohol or other substances and can stop when they want.  For others, the need for the substance becomes compulsive and can result in dangerous behaviors.  This is given a formal diagnosis of substance use disorder, and people with substance use disorder most often need professional help to stop using the substance and begin recovery.

image of drinking alcohol alone-Denial is common for people with substance use disorder-for Gulf Breeze Recovery non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment centerDenial is common for people with substance use disorder.  Quite often they will tell family members, concerned friends, or even themselves that they don’t drink or use that much, or that they could quit if they wanted to, but the truth is they can’t.  Sometimes they can maintain an appearance of normalcy, holding down a job and meeting necessary obligations.  Gradually the substance becomes the primary focus of their life and even though they may be aware of the pain caused to those who love them, they are unable to stop.  Those suffering with addiction often feel shame because they can’t quit, and guilt knowing they hurt the people who love them, but those feelings often come through in the form of anger – pushing away those people who love them the most.

Sometimes denial is shown by placing blame on others for the negative consequences of drug and alcohol addiction.  The cop that gave them a ticket was just trying to make his quota before quitting time.  Missing a family event was due to the boss making them work late.  The fall down the stairs was because the rug made them trip.

No one wants to be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

image of group therapy meeting talking about non-12 step holistic inside-out understanding of how our minds work when we are in our innate healthNo one believed when they started using that they would become addicted.  Those who are addicted want to stop using, but it is not easy.  Many have tried to stop using their substance, often secretly, and have suffered withdrawal symptoms that could only be relieved by using their substance again. This makes them believe that addiction recovery is not possible.

Non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment can help people understand their addiction, and overcome it.

Recovery is possible.  Professional drug and alcohol treatment can help people understand their addiction and overcome it, helping them rediscover life without the dependence on their substance.  People can rediscover freedom, without the need to always have their substance available; rebuild relationships and reestablish trust with others and replace shame and guilt with pride and self-confidence.

Gulf Breeze Recovery's non-12 step drug and alcohol program offers compassionate holistic treatment and support.

If you or someone you know is living with drug or alcohol addiction, Gulf Breeze Recovery’s staff of professionals are there to help every step of the way, offering compassionate holistic treatment and support, helping those with addiction and relapse reclaim their lives and their freedom.

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When you decide that Gulf Breeze Recovery is the right choice for you, contact us at Gulf Breeze Recovery or call: (855) 433-4480 to speak to an addiction expert to learn more about our program that has helped so many people overcome their addiction and embrace life.

We help people not just to survive, but to THRIVE!

young man sitting a beautiful beach at sundown extremely serene for Gulf Breeze Recovery non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab program called THRIVE® Total Health RecoveryAbout Gulf Breeze Recovery:

Gulf Breeze Recovery, unlike other treatment centers in Florida, is a non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab that is changing the future of addiction treatment with their THRIVE® (Total Health Recovery) program focused on overcoming chronic relapse.
Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® program is a non 12-step approach designed for those who are looking for a drug and alcohol treatment program to produce a different and positive result.
This non-12 step program allows you to drive beyond your addictions and promotes a new outlook on life.
We are licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families, and our last audit scored 99.7! Also, we are gold certified by the Joint Commission.

Program logo: Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a true non-12-Step, holistic drug treatment program with licensed mental health professionals who have small caseloads so that they can offer individualized and intensive care and it's called THRIVE®

End Chronic Relapse and Start a New Life!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery we don’t want you to have just a great recovery, we want you to have a great life!

Contact Us, or Call: (855) 433-4480

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