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About Us

Unlike other addiction treatment centers, Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a non-12 step holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab. Our expert team of clinicians provides compassionate care to our guests. Nestled into a private part of Santa Rosa Sound, our waterfront addiction treatment center is the perfect setting to help individuals heal from substance use disorder and end chronic relapse.


Addiction Treatment Programs

Our holistic approach to treatment for substance use disorder is designed to help clients heal from addiction’s physical and mental toll. Our non-12 step approach increases an individual’s overall health and wellness, and significantly reduces their chance of relapse.


At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we offer a holistic, alternative approach to addiction treatment. We specialize in helping our guests overcome drug and alcohol addiction and end chronic relapse. At our residential rehab center in Florida, guests will be secluded in an atmosphere that is conducive to healing and wellness.


Upon arrival at our facility, we want guests to receive a strong feeling of hope and relief. When performed correctly under the supervision of medical professionals, the detoxification process can be safe and comfortable. To ensure guest’s safety at our licensed medical detox center in Florida, our team of doctors and nurses provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Using the same non-12 step principles developed for our residential program, our intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers a flexible approach to treatment, designed to fit your life. With IOP, clients are treated in sessions on a part-time basis enabling them to continue tending to their work and family life.


Gulf Breeze Recovery was an early adopter of telehealth for addiction treatment. We utilize our telerecovery portal for individual and group therapy. Telerecovery provides support to our outpatient, intensive outpatient, and aftercare guests, helping them to maintain sobriety and achieve life-long recovery.


Getting sober at Gulf Breeze Recovery is just the beginning. With our comprehensive aftercare program, support continues long after you leave our program. We think of aftercare as continuing education. Our program is effective, powerful, transformative and positively influences all aspects of our guests’ new life.

Treatment Center Tour

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we have created a program, treatment environment and experience that allows for successful rehabilitation. Our center features a pool with a waterfront view, a private fishing pier, and a white-sand beach area adjoining the pool and pier. Guests can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, volleyball, or cornhole. However, we are more than just a waterfront location. We want our guests to feel comfortable, and our facility and amenities are designed in conjunction with our program to provide an experience that is therapeutic, uplifting, and inspiring.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our substance abuse treatment programs can help those struggling with addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, heroin, or prescription drugs. Our world-class clinical team has the experience needed to help individuals fully heal and recover from addiction.

Admissions and Insurance

When you reach out to admissions counselors at Gulf Breeze Recovery, we can answer all your questions about our programs and verify your insurance. We work with most insurance providers and can help you determine how our programs can work best for you. We will guide you all the way through the insurance verification process.

Gulf Breeze Recovery