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a woman benefits from an opioid addiction treatment centerWhile it hasn’t gotten the same levels of media coverage of late, the opioid epidemic is still raging on. Millions of people need good, evidence-based opioid addiction treatment, and unfortunately, many who have gone through 12-step programs have fallen into a demoralizing cycle of chronic relapse. But there are other well-researched ways to free yourself from substance use disorders.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is an example here in the opioid hot-spot of Florida. Our opioid addiction treatment center in Pensacola is staffed by an expert clinical team who have crafted a holistic, non-12 step program that changes lives.

Opioid Addiction Creeps up on You

Unlike most substance use disorders, dependency on opioids often starts with a legitimate need. At some point in your life, you will find yourself in an emergency room suffering from extreme pain for one of a million reasons, and you will likely be exposed to morphine or other medical-grade opioids. One minute you’re on your side writhing in pain from a swollen appendix, and a few minutes later, you’re relaxed and still. Unfortunately, these same drugs are then prescribed by the bottle to take home for lingering pain management, and day by day, they become less effective at their original purpose.

Opioids (an umbrella term that includes what has been called ‘opiates’) are some of the most powerful and effective painkillers for acute physical pain. Still, they were never intended to be a long-term solution. In the last few years, we’ve watched these medical tools overprescribed and abused by a system created by large pharmaceutical companies, and now far too many people have sunk into chronic dependence and relapse from prescription opioids.

The Gulf Breeze Recovery Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Can Pull You Out

Our medical professionals deliver a detox experience that monitors individuals’ health while applying any necessary medications to help with the process. When clients move into our opioid addiction treatment program, they take advantage of a comprehensive program designed to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of someone struggling with opioid use disorder.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is Holistic

Overcoming opioid abuse requires a keen eye on the whole person, not just the individual’s need for a particular substance. We use evidence-based holistic treatment modalities that draw on your own capacity to grow and change, with lasting results. If we discover that you have co-occurring mental health issues, then specific therapy will be a part of your personal plan. Even when you complete the program, we know that you will need good skills to maintain your wellness, so aftercare is also an important part of our programs.

We want you to heal as a whole person. To do so, we offer a comprehensive choice of addiction treatment programs, such as:

  • Aftercare program
  • Telerecovery
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Our addiction treatment programs are cutting edge. Progress through treatment will be different for each client, and we understand that. Real change takes real commitment. Therefore, we make it a point to work with clients to develop an addiction treatment plan that focuses on their unique needs. Doing allows us to craft a program that has clear goals and can adapt as individuals make progress.

Begin Your Gulf Breeze Recovery Journey Today

Gulf Breeze Recovery is ready to give treatment that is holistic, unique, and individualized. Our Pensacola rehab center is staffed by dedicated professionals offering several therapeutic approaches like:

  • Exercise therapy program
  • Family therapy program
  • Group therapy program
  • Non-12 step therapy

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one heal from addiction and make a lasting recovery. Choose to end chronic relapse today, call 833.551.2304.

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