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If you’ve recently entered substance use addiction treatment, you probably understand the importance of group therapy. Group therapy is used to treat many conditions, including substance use disorder. Generally, it works best when combined with other addiction therapies such as behavioral counseling or medication therapy. As a participant in a group therapy program at Gulf Breeze Recovery, you’ll have the opportunity to share your methods and strategies for recovery with others. Additionally, you may tap into their resources, adopting the ones that work best for you.

Topics Covered in Group Therapy for Addiction

a group attends a group therapy program

Group therapy has many applications. Aside from treating drug or alcohol addiction, it’s useful for other purposes, too. Marriage counseling, for instance, is a form of group therapy, as is a grief counseling support group. If you regularly attend Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous, you’re participating in group therapy. In the treatment of substance use disorder, however, group therapy is led by a psychiatric professional who keeps the session on-topic. As a result, participants address many mental and emotional issues, including:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Sexual assault
  • Feelings of isolation or abandonment
  • Domestic violence
  • Healthy alternatives to self-medicating
  • Feelings of fear or concern for the future

Many topics find their way into group therapy for addiction, which makes it so therapeutic. Generally, when members introduce issues to the group, the issues are discussed and dissected. Members may offer solutions, and others may weigh in on how they’ve handled similar issues. As a result, group therapy can help you find answers to the problems that have plagued you all your life, even if you didn’t realize how weighty they’ve become.

Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

Aside from helping you recognize and find solutions to barriers to recovery, this form of therapy has multiple other benefits. For instance, it can make you feel less alone and less devalued. It can empower you by helping you realize you’re a part of something bigger. Lastly, it can also boost your self-esteem as you help others troubleshoot their own solutions. There is healing power in taking fellowship with others who are moving along your same path. Common advantages include:

  • An opportunity to talk about your problems instead of repressing them
  • The chance to cultivate a supportive network of peers
  • The ability to give and receive support
  • A setting to polish your interpersonal communication skills
  • A feeling of safety and belonging

For many in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, a group therapy program may become one of the most helpful types of treatment. Simply bringing long-repressed thoughts and feelings into the light may make life feel more manageable from the start. Substance use disorder is often rooted in feelings of shame, guilt, or inadequacy. Therefore, finding a safe place where you can talk about these issues without fear of judgment is immensely healing.

Learn More About the Group Therapy Program at Gulf Breeze Recovery

For clients who live in and around Florida, Gulf Breeze Recovery offers group therapy as an option in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, clients enjoy our serene, beachfront location that provides access to miles and miles of pristine sand. The beauty of nature, coupled with stunning sunrises and sunsets, is beneficial in managing stress and anxiety. Additionally, our simple, non-12-step approach has proven effective in the treatment of substance use disorder.

Gulf Breeze Recovery emphasizes holistic therapies and mindfulness to promote healing. Our highly trained staff is invested in your recovery, and we’re waiting to help. Reach out today at 833.551.2304 for more information on our services or visit us online to view our gallery and learn more about our group therapy for addiction recovery.