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female therapist meeting with a couple to explain the intensive outpatient program for addiction treatmentThe intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Gulf Breeze Recovery uses the same non-12-step principles developed for our residential program. However, the IOP provides greater flexibility and accessibility for people struggling with drugs and alcohol and working to overcome addiction and end chronic relapse. Conveniently located in Gulf Breeze, FL, our IOP sessions are offered to those seeking an addiction treatment center near Pensacola, FL.

Our unique holistic, non-12-step therapy approach focuses on healing the whole person and not just the symptoms of addiction. We help people get to the core, underlying causes of their addiction, and help correct the issue at the source. Our one-on-one therapy sessions and small group activities focus on restoring our patients’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in the quest for wellness and happiness in recovery.

What Is an IOP?

Intensive outpatient treatment or IOP is a form of alcohol and drug addiction treatment rehabilitation where patients are treated in sessions on a part-time basis at the facility but return home at night. IOP can be either the first step in alcohol and drug addiction recovery or the first step in aftercare. IOP enables people to continue their recovery on an intensive schedule designed to accommodate their work and family life.

The intensive outpatient (IOP) program uses the same non-12-step principled approach to overcoming addiction performed in the residential setting. Some of our IOP features include:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Family counseling
  • Educational course room and motivational speakers
  • Nutritional education and counseling

What Should I Expect from Gulf Breeze’s Intensive Outpatient Program?

The goals for our unique, non-12-step IOP include a customized treatment plan to meet the individualized needs of each person and help meet the needs of their daily life while building a foundation for resiliency and:

  • Achieving and maintaining abstinence from alcohol and drug use
  • Restoring behavioral, mental, and physical health
  • Addressing problem-solving skills
  • Building and developing a support system
  • Addressing core mental and physical health issues

The beauty of our IOP is you can experience our life-changing program and still live your life. It’s offered to the people who live in the area or within driving distance from our Gulf Breeze, Florida location.

Most people think of outpatient treatment as a group setting, where people sit in a circle and bare their souls. Our group settings help lay down the principles that get to the core, underlying cause of alcohol or drug addiction and help correct the misunderstanding at the source. Discussions of personal issues are always reserved for individual therapy sessions.

People suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse become accustomed to a quick, temporary fix. Our intensive outpatient program will help you or someone you love to experience a real and lasting transformation to recovery and peace of mind.

If needed, our medical detoxification facility is available so you or your loved one can spend a few days recovering from any physical withdrawals in a safe, clean and friendly environment. When ready, you or your loved one can go home and immediately begin the intensive outpatient program.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Intensive Outpatient Rehab

How Long Does IOP Last?

The IOP program is very flexible and highly individualized, so people can sign up for as long as they wish.

Is IOP Covered by Insurance?

Gulf Breeze Recovery works with most major insurance carrier providers like Aetna, Humana, Magellan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and others.

Does IOP Include Drug Testing?

Yes, Gulf Breeze Recovery’s IOP does include random drug testing.

What if a Higher Level of Care Is Needed?

For those who might need a higher level of care than IOP, a person can immediately enroll in the residential program right here in the same facility. It’s giving people more flexibility to meet their individual needs.

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