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Beyond Addiction: Taking an innovative look at addiction and recovery.

Our primary focus is on finding peace and contentment through recovery.

“Beyond Addiction” is a podcast dedicated to exploring the vast implications that understanding the nature of the human experience have on addiction and recovery.

An innocent misunderstanding of the way we experience life creates the “fertile soil” for addiction to flourish. This misunderstanding happens when we attribute our feelings and our experience of life to people, places, things and situations outside of ourselves, which we cannot control. We are actually experiencing life, however, through the “lens” and “filter” of our own conditioning and thinking. Once people insightfully understand the true nature of how we experience life, then they can become “captains of their own ship.”

a man talks on the beyond addiction podcastThe implications of this understanding on addiction are profound. Attributing feelings of worthiness, completion, serenity, etc. to anything such as accomplishments, relationships, cars, money, drugs or alcohol, etc. innocently creates the fertile ground for addiction to take hold. Because there is sometimes a temporary feeling of delight and euphoria attached to these items, a person will return to a substance, person, activity or object over and over and over again searching for that good or “happy” feeling. The search, in the long-run, is elusive and always fruitless.

While traditional programs focus on a “prescription” of things a person must do in order to get through a day without drinking or using, we focus on getting to the heart of the addiction problem that led to substance abuse in the first place.

Addressing the underlying cause of addiction and gaining an insightful understanding of the nature of all human experience has proven to be an effective way to overcome chronic relapse and substituting addictions.

Our non-traditional non-12 step, holistic approach to alcohol and drug treatment recognizes the effectiveness of people rediscovering their innate health and core resilience that resides in each of us.


Episode-1: “The genesis of addiction.”