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Extended Residential TreatmentAddiction treatment programs are not all created equal. To be effective and contribute to lasting sobriety, they mustaddress the client’s unique emotional, psychological, social, physical, and even spiritual needs. In some cases, individualized plans will require more time to provide those in recovery with appropriate opportunities to adjust to the complexities of life outside of rehab. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we are not only concerned with your short-term success; we also want to provide you with the tools you need to change your life permanently. Contact our team today at 833.551.2304 to discuss your next steps.

What Is a Long-Term Treatment Program?

Just as every individual acquires an alcohol or substance abuse problem from a distinct combination of personal circumstances, every client will require their timetable to safely and confidently transition between detox, rehab, and later stages of recovery. Sometimes this is possible within the traditional 30-, 60-, or 90-day timetable. However, these are arbitrary milestones for many individuals, and more time is required to adapt to the weighty demands of alcohol and/or substance-free living.

For these clients, extended residential treatment programs allow the time to practice and reinforce habits more conducive to sober living. These programs are better equipped to address all potential dimensions of the recovery process through positive connections with other clients and aftercare specialists who can provide a structured plan promoting life-long recovery. They are available within both alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment programs.

What Are the Benefits of a Long-Term Treatment Program?

Although medically supervised detox programs and short-term residential treatment programs may help clients to move beyond immediate physical dependencies and addictions, they do not necessarily address the complex and nuanced reasons why a client developed an alcohol or substance abuse problem in the first place. These reasons may remain obscured if a client plunges back into their routine without a thorough understanding of where triggers may be quietly lurking.

Clients who complete an extended residential treatment program demonstrate a much higher overall success rate due to:

  • Increased feelings of accountability in the recovery process as support networks become more securely established between clients and specialists.
  • Enhanced investment in the successful completion of treatment plans, including clearly defined principles of sober living.
  • Feelings of autonomy and the sense that treatment is not a punitive measure as much as a distinct opportunity for clients to reinvent themselves.
  • Offering clients an opportunity to address adjacent legal, financial, or domestic issues while still receiving active support.
  • Allowing clients the flexibility to either remain in residence or progress to outpatient therapy to attend to their outside job, family, financial and social responsibilities.
  • Time to complete a comprehensive orientation in specific aftercare supports, so the client knows exactly where to go when specific types of problems arise.
  • The ability to remain in certain phases of treatment, such as outpatient therapy, as long as the client requires.

All of this makes for a lasting recovery and reduced risk of relapse.

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Many clients in recovery enter treatment programs feeling the pressure of inevitable relapse, so they cannot commit their full selves to the recovery process. These individuals may be caught in cycles of chronic relapse and may have lost hope that they can ever fully heal. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we know that with a client’s full buy-in, change is always possible and that this may only be achievable through uninterrupted recovery efforts. Help is available today, no matter how long you have been using or whether or not you’ve ever attempted sober living in the past. Contact our team today at 833.551.2304 to learn how we can support you from this point forward.