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a man thinks he may need an anxiety treatment centerAnxiety is much more than a simple feeling of apprehension. There is a whole spectrum of disorders that fall under the definition of anxiety. Because of this, diagnosis may take many forms and may include many debilitating symptoms. The uncomfortable truth further complicates this that anxiety can sometimes be a symptom of other mental health issues or substance abuse complications. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our trained professionals recognize the difficulties of co-occurring conditions. Our dual diagnosis treatment center is here to help you with each step of your recovery process.

Anxiety Treatment

Many types of people experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. Researchers have indicated that risk factors for anxiety can include genetic and environmental factors like trauma and occasionally health conditions such as thyroid problems and heart abnormalities. Even food intake, such as caffeine, can exacerbate symptoms. Some anxiety disorders include the following types of disorders:

Panic Disorder

These individuals experience sudden, often recurrent, panic attacks. These episodes can be triggered by a situation or can occur unexpectedly. The symptoms can mimic those of a heart attack and include the inability to breathe, heart palpitations, sweating, choking, shaking, and an overwhelming loss of control.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is defined by an intense fear of performative actions, especially in social situations or crowds. This can have a very wide range of effects, as more extreme cases make it impossible for people to succeed in the workplace, a school environment, or at social events.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD

These individuals worry excessively for six months or more about things like personal health or social interactions. This constant state of vigilance can seriously affect their health, causing muscle tension, sleep problems, irritability, restlessness, and emotional fatigue. Some specific phobias include spiders, heights, flying, snakes, blood, injections, and fans.


Phobias are an intense, often irrational fear of specific objects, situations, people, or animals. The amount of fear tends to be out of proportion to the actual threat of the stressor.


People with agoraphobia tend to be afraid of public places. These individuals tend to have panic reactions or embarrassing symptoms like physical illness. This can be tied to many fears, including the fear of:

  • Being in closed spaces
  • Open spaces
  • Being outside of their home
  • Using public transportation
  • Being in crowded spaces
  • Having to line up, or queue

Under extreme circumstances, individuals with agoraphobia may stay housebound.

Separation Anxiety

These individuals tend to have extreme fears about being parted from people with whom they are very attached. Individuals can experience physical symptoms when detachment occurs. Though this is often observed in childhood, this can affect people of all ages.

Selective Mutism

People with selective mutism typically struggle with speaking in certain types of social environments. It is associated with extreme shyness and typically affects very young individuals. As you can see, clinical anxiety is a very serious and life-altering series of diagnoses. With the right treatment, though, most individuals with serious complications from an anxiety disorder can find ways to work through their symptoms.

Anxiety and Addiction

There are many therapeutic options for treating anxiety. This is good news because it means that whatever type of anxiety you are facing, there is a possibility that one of the many types of therapies will help to ease your symptoms. However, if your anxiety is worsened by underlying addiction, the concern of rehabilitation services can be too daunting to face. Gulf Breeze Recovery treats the whole person with dual diagnosis treatment. If you are suffering from addiction and anxiety, visit our experienced professionals to seek the treatment you need.

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