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Our holistic non-12 step rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment consists of five main components:

Main Components:

  • Detoxification.
    Medically licensed detox wing with private rooms and caring nurses.
  • Neurofeedback and EMDR.
    Modalities for restoring healthy brain function.
  • Spa.
    Deep detox and restorative therapies for better sleep and clarity.
  • Nutrition.
    Award winning chef prepared fresh whole food meals and snacks
  • Physical Health.
    Exercise, fitness, yoga, qi-gong, and meditation.
  • Mental Health.
    Extensive one-on-one therapy, family therapy, class instruction, reading, guest speakers and more.
  • Personal Transformation.
    Over the course of treatment we introduce new ideas about mind, thought, and consciousness that bring about an awakening, and a new level of clarity.

With just 25 residential and five detoxification beds, every aspect of our holistic drug rehab facility centers around you and your recovery.

People who have attended drug and alcohol detoxification understand that medical care is essential. We agree, and that is why we have a fully licensed detoxification program on site. Some believe all that is needed for sobriety is detoxification from the physical withdrawals of alcohol or drug addiction. On a surface level, this makes sense; unfortunately, it is not true. Addiction always has underlying reasons that must be properly addressed or the addiction will continue to resurface.

Recovery, along with a happy content life, is our goal. Every decision our professionals make is predicated on that goal. That is the reason we have taken a leadership position in the number of therapy hours our guests receive.

Some of the addiction treatment programs we offer include:

Read more about the five components of our program and how we stop the revolving door of addiction treatment.

#1 Medically Licensed Detoxification

Feel secure knowing that the detoxification process is performed safely, comfortably and correctly. We are a fully licensed medical detoxification recovery facility. The detox area is a separate medical wing in the building and all detox rooms are private with a flat screen television. Our team of doctors and nurses provide care 24 hours a day seven days a week. To prevent any lapses of care, you or your loved one’s needs shall be addressed immediately upon arrival.

#2 Resistance Reversal

If you or someone you love experience resistance to treatment, struggle with chronic relapse or have a history of not completing treatment, they will benefit from Gulf Breeze Recovery’s Florida rehab program. Read more about it, but don’t just take our word for it, watch our unscripted testimonials and listen to our guest’s experiences. Reversing treatment resistance begins gently with allowing our guests to slowly realize and desire the benefits of recovery.

#3 Physical Health Recovery

/The desire to be healthy is innate but often ignored during active addiction. The physical health recovery portion of our individualized holistic non-12 step rehab program is the starting point for taking you or your loved one down the road to Total Health Recovery®. This section of the program consists of a healthy diet and restful sleep coupled with exercise and spa therapies, which is designed to restore you or your loved one’s natural physical well-being.

#4 Mental Health Recovery

For you or your loved one to experience the best opportunity for recovery, we have taken an industry leadership position in the number of therapy hours that our guests receive. Our processes uncover the fundamental understanding and root cause of the addiction problem, and the subsequent understanding needed to experience freedom from addiction and regain clarity and mental health.

#5 Individualized Aftercare

Our holistic non-12 step rehab treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t end once you or your loved one graduate from the program. Aftercare is important for continued success. You or your loved one will have access to and be actively involved with the counselor. This counselor involvement ensures that everyone is adhering to and supportive of our guest’s life plan. The Counselor will also assist in clearing up any inconsistencies that may arise and will provide counseling and guidance whenever needed.

Anthony was tired of the telemarketer’s hard-sell approach and just wanted something that works. He found it!

Anthony arrived with a substantial addiction to Methamphetamine. He needed our medically licensed detoxification program before beginning the residential drug and alcohol treatment program. Anthony started the process of insight-based breakthroughs almost immediately after he had time to recover physically. Take your time to listen, because, even though Anthony’s story takes you through a period of great pain, it has a happy ending… or…maybe, a happy beginning! Our non-12 step rehab program is like no other in the world, and our guests and their families describe it best!