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a woman could benefit from a non 12 step rehab centerGulf Breeze Recovery overcomes the addiction trap with a non-12 step holistic approach to alcohol and drug treatment.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment facility providing compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

“We live in a society that supports the illusion that happiness, contentment, and serenity can be realized through some form of outside activity such as using drugs and alcohol.”

You or your loved one may have experimented with drugs or alcohol searching for a positive feeling or for something to make the pain go away. You or your loved one may have found a benefit in the drug such as perceived fun with “friends” or to forget about life for a while. You may have even noticed that the drug created a temporary form of “happiness.” Without realizing, maybe you or your loved one associated the feelings created by the drug or alcohol as elevating his or her mood or perceived well-being. This alleged benefit or feeling created a desire to use the drug or alcohol again and again, which ingrained a negative habit or pattern.

Addiction often begins when someone innocently looks for positive feelings and is covertly lead to drugs and alcohol.

Without realizing it, a person can be hijacked. An addiction problem usually occurs when people become preoccupied with the thoughts of a habit while the drug itself becomes another, yet greater, source of more pain. The pain is created through the cravings and dependency that the drug produces along with the negative lifestyle and thinking patterns created by the past drug use. Eventually, the drug/alcohol use evolves to where people pick up the drug to calm the cravings and pain created by the drug only to have the cravings and pain resurface, which then re-stimulates them to pick the drug up again. This activity is commonly referred to as the cycle of addiction, so, “round and round” it goes.

People trapped in the cycle of addiction are focused on how to obtain their next drink, pill, rock, powder, fix, etc. During this stage relationships break down, finances get squandered, jobs are lost, families break up, houses are lost, assets are pawned, children are neglected, etc. Throughout this phase, the prevalence of arrest, overdose, accidents, damage to the body, death, etc. dramatically increases.

During the beginning stages of addiction, people will get tricked by their own thinking that they can somehow “make up” or hide the damage they are creating. Because obtaining and using the drink or drug is now a priority, the “make up” usually doesn’t materialize, and the person’s addiction problem is exposed. Behavior that once seemed inconceivable to the individual and his or her family starts to become normal; literally, the abnormal becomes normal. People suffering from addictions are terribly unhappy, have lost their way and need help.

Shouldn’t happiness, peace, and serenity be available to everyone in sobriety?

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s individualized holistic drug rehab program gives people the tools to overcome addiction and to live a healthy happy life. Our guests will rediscover for themselves that happiness, inner peace, serenity and a life free from substances are available to everyone and not just the lucky few.

Lisa learned to trust herself again by tapping into her own power at our non-12 step holistic drug rehab.

Lisa has some great things to say about the new outlook she received as a result of the new understanding she learned through our THRIVE program. Her simple honesty translates the gentle methods we employ at Gulf Breeze Recovery and how they worked for her when she was ready to quit meth and begin a whole new life! Our program is like no other in the world, and our guests and their families describe it best!

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