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a woman needs substance abuse treatment programs in florida

Compassionate, Individualized, Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment facility providing compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

a man uses substance abuse treatment programs in florida

What addictions and disorders we treat at Gulf Breeze Recovery

Our guests arrive with a wide variety of issues, including various forms of substance abuse and other life challenges  which may feed those addictions:

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s program goes deeper than drug of choice. What matters most for you or your loved one’s recovery is uncovering and tearing down the foundation to what’s underlying the addiction problem.

Why our program is effective

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our addiction experts work to remove the obstacles underlying the addiction problem, enabling you or your loved one to reclaim their personal power. We guide people helping them to envision and create a renewed life free of drugs and alcohol. You or your loved one will realize that they are “not broken” and that they have the ability to live a life happy and drug free. Our Doctor’s, nursing staff, therapists, clinician’s and support staff, are some of the best in their respective fields. They address recovery from a holistic perspective that includes a program of total health recovery we call THRIVE®

You or someone you love will get past the symptoms of drugs and alcohol use and to the cause of why the addiction took root and was able to grow in the first place. We help our guests rediscover their happiness and sense of innate well-being. This gives you or your loved one the ability to eventually live life recovered rather than living their entire life in recovery.

Co-occurring disorders: Beyond Addiction

In addition to the natural suffering related to late-stages of addiction, many who walk though our doors also suffer with an untreated or unrecognized disorder co-occurring with the addiction. This conflict will make the struggle with addiction more difficult. In several cases, people will have a history of over-treating or self-medicating, in an attempt to find relief. Merely treating the symptoms of addiction is never enough, since the root cause of the problem will remain untreated. Through our comprehensive assessments and evaluations, we tackle the real problem that enables us to address underlying disorders in conjunction with the addiction.

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we specialize in helping people reclaim their lives and become captains of their own ship. Our program offers much more than a temporary relief from the symptoms of alcohol abuse and drug addiction; it empowers people to discover who they really are and that they are not broken.

The Gulf Breeze Recovery experience

Every guest we get to serve reveals a unique, individualized, and personal background. Our program compliments individual needs providing custom treatment plans and goals. Our goal is to create the perfect treatment plan for you, personally, equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and experience needed when you leave.

Our therapeutic approach includes:

  • A medically supervised detox wing with private rooms, and a loving staff of great care-giving professionals
  • Residential treatment in a luxury waterfront location, including chef prepared meals and private waterfront pool and beach
  • Neurofeedback, exercise and spa treatments for a deeper detox, promoting better sleep, appetite, mental clarity, and physical well being
  • More one-on-one therapy hours than required by insurance companies or state regulators with some of the best therapists in the world
  • Group therapy, art therapy, meditation, qi-gong, yoga, and personal homeopathic therapies
  • Insight encouraging groups and intensives for personal transformation and breakthroughs
  • Our program reveals your personal power and innate health