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Gulf Breeze Recovery is an ideal alcohol and drug program for those who suffer chronic relapse due to resistance to treatment.

a man needs help with addiction treatment resistanceBecause most treatment centers offer the same program, those who have unsuccessfully attended multiple facilities have usually, in fact, only attended one program. Our program is different, positive, health-focused and goes to the heart of each individual’s addiction problem.

The best way to help people resistant to treatment is to offer something better.

Often, the unwillingness to overcome resistance will destroy a person’s life. The addicted individual can lose almost everything they hold dear: career, friends, possessions, respect, mental and physical health. If people persist in addictive behavior, they could eventually lose their lives.

Our program isn’t about trying to “not” do something.

Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a unique and individualized approach for people who experience resistance to treatment, struggle with chronic relapse, or have a history of not completing treatment. Watch our testimonials, and you will hear how others felt after a short amount of time at our facility… Many people enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with preconceived ideas or fears that manifest into denial or resistant behavior. The key to reversing resistance begins with the gentle process of helping our guests realize for themselves the benefits of recovery what triggered their path to addiction. This realization initiates the process of letting go of the past addictive lifestyle and starts the process of living life in a healthier mental and physical condition. This portion of the program is powerful and sets the foundation for positive transformation.

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