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Gulf Breeze Recovery clothing and essential supply list

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a serious program with a casual environment.  The end result of our program is freedom from addiction.  To safeguard the integrity of the program and to ensure that everyone benefits, we cannot allow the use of cell phones, I-pads, and/or laptop computers. I-pods are allowed; however, they will need to come already downloaded with music. In order for guests to stay in touch with loved ones, we have two telephones in the lobby. For those who have special needs that require them to occasionally check in for business or other matters, discuss the situation with your intake counselor for special arrangements.

Pack Light! Since you have access to washers and dryers, pack as though you are going away for five to seven days. Please, DO NOT OVER PACK.

A washer and dryer is available for all guests to use.  When packing, feel free to include personal items from home (family pictures etc) to make your living area familiar and more comfortable.

  1. Casual clothes (shorts/jeans/t-shirts/sweats/jacket or sweaters-seasonal clothing)
  2. Tennis shoes, flip flops
  3. Cosmetics for personal hygiene (non-alcohol shampoo, soap & razors)
  4. I-pod (make sure music is already downloaded) or personal MP3 device with headphones
  5. Alarms clocks
  6. Personal reading material, crosswords or puzzles
  7. Paper, envelopes, cards & stamps
  8. Swim suits for spa and pool (2 or 3)
  9. Shower Robe
  10. Medication prescribed by a doctor that is only provided in a pharmacy (no medical marijuana).

In order to get the best results out of the program, the following items are forbidden to bring:

  1. Weapons-knives
  2. Pornographic items or materials
  3. Any drugs or paraphernalia including marijuana, THC, Kratom, etc.- bring only medication provided by a pharmacy that is prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Aspirin, Tylenol or  any type of pain reliever
  5. Mouthwash containing alcohol
  6. Automobiles (cars or trucks), motorcycles or scooters
  7. Bedding and towels
  8. Pets
  9. All aerosol products
We recommend that you either ride with someone to the center or fly into one of the areas airports and we will pick you up.