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a man seeks out addiction therapy programsFinding the right addiction therapy programs is key to recovery for those struggling with a substance use disorder or addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is complex with both physical and mental components that require treatment. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our addiction counseling identifies, addresses, and helps individuals overcome their dependency and any mental health issues that may have accompanied or “sprung” from the addiction. This holistic treatment approach ensures that those in our programs lay a firm foundation for lasting recovery.

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

While addiction is highly treatable, each individual will have a unique set of symptoms and challenges to face as they heal. Thus, each guest at our facility will forge their path to recovery. Our purpose at Gulf Breeze Recovery is to provide the necessary resources for success. This means providing comprehensive and customizable therapeutic options. 

Some of the addiction and mental health therapies we offer include:

  • Non-12 step therapy: Empowerment, resiliency, and insight are the guiding principles of our non-12 step program. As a holistic method, our therapy doesn’t believe in rigidity or in simply uncritically accepting traditional approaches. Instead, we focus on regaining physical and mental health while identifying how best to live a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Exercise therapy: While nearly everyone understands the importance of exercise in maintaining and building physical health, many don’t realize it is a vital component of positive mental health. People struggling with a substance use disorder often have let both their physical and mental health deteriorate. Our exercise therapy program begins where the individual can meet us and make a positive change in our clients’ overall wellbeing.
  • Trauma care: Trauma is one of the most common triggers for substance use disorders. Individuals who are unaware they are struggling with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or are unable to process a past or recent traumatic event often turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. This is dangerous as it increases the likelihood of developing a dependency and leaves the underlying trauma unresolved. Our trauma care is designed to help clients find relief and reclaim their life.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Our addiction counseling at Gulf Breeze Recovery also understands that many individuals experience chronic relapse because they have never experienced proper treatment for all their conditions. It is very common for individuals who struggle with substance use disorder to have issues underlying the addiction. Typically, individuals are not even aware they are suffering from a mood disorder like depression or anxiety (the two most common mental health issues affecting tens of millions of Americans every year). When someone has both a drug or alcohol addiction and mental health issues, they are said to have a co-occurring disorder. Through dual diagnosis treatment, our counselors and therapists identify the underlying mental health issue and begin to treat it as they simultaneously address the client’s addiction. 

By treating each condition jointly, residents can heal more completely. Rather than having only a portion of their condition dealt with, the whole body is returned to wellbeing. Without the stressor of a mental health issue, many individuals can prevent relapse. Similarly, with their addiction managed, their mental health issues lessen, and they can return to positive mental health.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

At our waterfront facility, individuals can find peace of mind as they work through their addiction treatment program. Substance use disorder is treatable. Addiction can be managed, and individuals can take back control of their lives. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we believe in giving clients the space they need, both physically and mentally, to grow and heal. Reach out to us today at 833.551.2304 to learn more.