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people engaged in a music therapy programFinding the right kind of holistic therapy programs can make all the difference if you are in recovery. It is important to be generous with yourself while you grow your coping skills. This means that a mixture of music therapy for addiction and traditional therapy methods can help you engage with your emotions and body to heal fully. Studies have shown that healing with music can help you connect to the full spectrum of your needs. Gulf Breeze Recovery offers many types of holistic therapy programs, including a music therapy program. Our innovative therapeutic design means that you have access to a full spectrum of options for your care.

Music Therapy Program

Music therapy for addiction is an evidence-based clinical practice. Participants will use music as a tool to explore their mind-body connection as they work through recovery. The focus of music therapy is not the quality of music being created; it is on the spontaneous burst of creation. This small freedom can open doors to intense emotional connection. This helps augment a regular therapeutic practice because it can help you accomplish the goals of your individualized therapy programs from a low-stakes environment. Typically, the facilitator of a music therapy program will be a qualified music therapy musician. Sessions may include creating music, listening to various types of music, moving to music, or singing along with the music. The type of music used is less important than being creative with the space of music.

Who Benefits From Holistic Therapy Programs?

Music therapy programs have been proven to offer social, cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits. You do not need to have the musical talent of any type to take part in music therapy for addiction. Some populations who have seen vast changes from the clinical use of musical therapy include individuals struggling with the following:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Processing traumatic experiences
  • Anxiety
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Mental health issues
  • People with PTSD
  • Seniors with Alzheimer’s
  • Pain disorders
  • Eating disorders

However, these are just some of the individuals who can benefit from music therapy.

Music Therapy Benefits

Music therapy has many therapeutic benefits to many different populations. When you engage with music therapy for addiction, it can notably provide holistic connectivity that helps you further explore your needs. Some of the benefits reported by individuals who have engaged in music therapy programs include the following:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Motivates participants to engage with treatment actively.
  • Helps you express yourself more fully.
  • Provides a unique method of connecting with others in the program or among immediate family and friends.
  • Offers physical benefits as you engage with instruments or movement.
  • Provides an emotional outlet that helps hone your coping skills.

As you can see, many different types of people from all backgrounds may find that music therapy offers space for complete healing. However, music therapy is a truly effective therapeutic instrument to enhance substance abuse treatment.

Music Therapy for Addiction

Because music therapy has been shown to effectively reduce physical symptoms like muscle tension and emotional symptoms like anxiety. It is a particularly effective tool for individuals struggling with depression, trauma, and substance abuse. As a group activity, music therapy encourages a holistic mind-body connection and open communication. It can also offer new ways to express difficult ideas for individuals who have been struggling with traumatic events. Many trauma sufferers turn to alcohol or substance abuse as a way to cope with trauma. Music allows for a new outlet to process and cope. If you have been struggling with addiction, look no further than Gulf Breeze Recovery. Our groundbreaking treatment can help you thrive.

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