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Set the stage to end chronic relapse with our non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Overcoming a seemingly insurmountable problem can be a natural process.

Insightful understanding or an “aha” moment allows one to naturally encounter a higher level of awareness often accompanied by an “oh wow” realization. Insight generates a paradigm shift or a “changed” understanding for the individual, which is organic and completely “real.”
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Our THRIVE program is designed to nurture and set the stage for powerful life-changing insights.

A “changed understanding” through insight must come naturally without the “intrusiveness” of conditioned thought patterns developed through addiction. This takes a process and some time. Those who participate in our program have an opportunity to discover the principles of addiction recovery, rediscover who they really are and learn how to live a content sober life.
Our guests will also begin to understand how they innocently and suddenly became “hijacked” by addiction and their thinking. Our guests gain a new perspective on the importance of mental clarity and its role in creating true insightful understanding. At the same time, our guests will begin the healing process by regaining restful sleep, restoring proper nutrition, and participating in the spa and developmental therapies. Healing the whole person while allowing for natural insightful change to take place is a gentler, holistic and modern way of approaching addiction. Above all, it is a method that works.

a man is happy to know he has a holistic treatment center in pensacolaAn innocent desire for happiness.

Addiction begins innocently when people start looking for happiness, serenity, a way to fit in, something to make the pain go away, a way to escape boredom, etc. and find a temporary solution with alcohol or drugs.

Ultimately, this solution never works long-term and creates greater and more serious problems. Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® Total Health Recovery holistic program points to the cause, which leads to the answer that many people seek: a sustainable solution.
Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE: Total Health Recovery Program is Changing the Face of Addiction Treatment!

What is THRIVE?

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® Total Health Recovery program offers a holistic, unique and individualized approach for those who are treatment-resistant, struggling with chronic relapse or are simply looking for a better way.

For eight decades the predominating method used for treating alcohol and drug addiction was the 12-step program derived from Alcoholics Anonymous. AA has helped and continues to help many who are struggling with substance problems. Unfortunately, the dated “outside-in” nature of treating addiction problems creates, within people, a reliance of needing other individuals and meetings to help them maintain abstinence. This reliance will not work for a countless number of people who are desperately seeking sobriety.

Program Components

Licensed medical detoxification

Spa therapy

Resistance Assistance

Mental health recovery

Developmental activities

Small group activities

Intensive one-on-one therapy

Setting the stage for insight

Scotty Discovered That Gulf Breeze Recovery’s program is about creating a new experience that is way better than drugs and alcohol.

After a terrible accident Scotty was introduced to pain medication and eventually heroin! Scotty was also introduced to several 12-step rehabilitation programs before finding Gulf Breeze’s non-12 step program. Here he discovered the difference between traditional rehabilitation and true Total Health Recovery!

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