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gulf breeze recovery offers a prescription drug addiction treatment centerAn ideal program for those who suffer chronic relapse due to prescription drug addiction

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic prescription drug addiction treatment facility providing compassionate, comprehensive, leading-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

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Learn About Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Gulf Breeze Recovery

Man in prescription drug addiction treatmentWe understand that entering drug addiction rehab is a big step. Even if you have been resistant to treatment in the past, Gulf Breeze Recovery may be right for you. Our THRIVE program promotes total health recovery in a way that makes drugs no longer a threat, or even a preference, for life to hold interest again.

Our individualized, leading-edge, substance abuse treatment program is dedicated to you or your loved one restoring their natural health and emotional wellness. On a deeper level, however, we are combining a range of evidence-based holistic treatment modalities to restore and develop dependence on your innate wisdom, not as an addict, but as a whole person capable of lasting change.

Our therapeutic approach includes:

  • A medically supervised detox wing with private rooms, and a loving staff of great care-giving professionals
  • Residential treatment in a luxury waterfront location, including chef prepared meals and private waterfront pool and beach
  • Neurofeedback, exercise and spa treatments for a deeper detox, promoting better sleep, appetite, mental clarity, and physical well being
  • More one-on-one therapy hours than required by insurance companies or state regulators with some of the best therapists in the world
  • Group therapy, art therapy, meditation, qi-gong, yoga, and personal homeopathic therapies
  • Insight encouraging groups and intensives for personal transformation and breakthroughs
  • Our program reveals your personal power and innate health

Learn About Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Gulf Breeze Recovery from someone who has been through our program.

Our program is “portable” it goes with you after you leave.

During your stay at Gulf Breeze Recovery, you’ll have a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This will include comprehensive services for any co-occurring disorders that might be complicating or supporting your drug addiction.

While here, you focus on recovering, and reaching these goals:

  • A safe, natural and comfortable detox
  • Learning the truth about innate wisdom to prevent future relapses
  • Addressing co-occurring conditions and reducing their influence
  • Transformational insights
  • Learning to live life, happy and drug-free
  • Regaining personal power and becoming captain of your own ship

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Those facing the struggles of prescription drug abuse and drug addiction may have a hard time imagining recovery and what it will feel like. We want you to know that “normalcy” a new beginning is possible. It doesn’t matter how long you or a loved one has been struggling with prescription drugs or how many times they’ve tried quitting before — prescription drug addiction can be overcome, and you can live a “normal,” clean and sober life, happily. It’s never too late to get help for recovery treatment.

Drug abuse and prescription drug addiction can feel like a dizzying and frustrating merry go round. It can cause severe physical, emotional, and mental distress in you or your loved one’s life. Making the decision to begin recovery means you’re choosing to reclaim your life and taking the first important step towards stopping the revolving door of chronic drug relapse. You are not alone.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s Effective Treatments of Co-Occurring Disorders with Prescription Drug Addiction

Co-Occurring Disorders

Many who walk though our doors suffer with an untreated or unrecognized disorder co-occurring with the addiction. In several cases, people will have a history of over-treating or self-medicating, in an attempt to find relief. Merely treating the symptoms of addiction is never enough, since the root cause of the problem will remain untreated. Through our comprehensive assessments and evaluations, we tackle the real problem that enables us to address underlying disorders in conjunction with the addiction.

Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

Therapy and counseling sessions with trained addiction specialists will form the core of your drug addiction recovery program. We use evidence-based modalities and an individualized treatment approach in our residential addiction treatment program.

Holistic and Experiential Therapies

Therapies used to supplement addiction counseling may include art therapy, music therapy, and recreational therapy. As rehab progresses, you may be taught more about nutrition, be treated for any chronic health issues, get therapy for co-occurring disorders, and practice spiritual and stress-reducing activities like meditation, qi-gong, or yoga.

Your Gulf Breeze Recovery THRIVE® Total Health Recovery Experience

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we specialize in treating drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. We provide safe, compassionate care in a clean residential setting. In this peaceful atmosphere, clients can focus on their treatment and recovery from drug addiction without the worries of external pressures and stressors.

World-Class Clinical Staff

Our expert clinical team provides individual therapy using proven evidence-based treatment modalities to treat drug dependency.

Individualized Treatment Plans

You or your loved one’s alcohol problem and underlying issues are different than other people’s. Therefore, your treatment plan should also be different. Your therapist will work individually with you to customize a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and is right for you.

Luxurious Private Location

We’re located in a beautiful, waterfront setting that features panoramic views, private fishing and reflection pier, and the occasional seagull or dolphin. Our therapeutic amenities and activities help our clients reconnect with their bodies, nurture their spirits, and even create a sense of fun and adventure that only enhances the healing process and the transformative insights that will change their lives.

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