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therapist explaining vivitrol addiction treatment to clientFor many people struggling with addiction, a medical detox offers the best option for regaining control of their life. Under the supervision of trained and caring medical professionals, the worst symptoms of withdrawal can be mitigated as the drugs or alcohol are purged from the body. Vivitrol addiction treatment is one of the most common and effective forms of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) used by addiction treatment programs in Florida.

The decision to seek help is an essential first step, but professional treatment will be required in most cases to truly break the cycle of addiction. With Gulf Breeze Recovery’s medication-assisted treatment program, you have the help you need to thrive. Call today at 833.551.2304 to learn more.

Is a Medication-Assisted Treatment Program Right For My Needs?

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, offers you a detox experience that frees you from some of the painful side effects of addiction withdrawal. This therapeutic option targets physical and emotional dependence by overcoming obstacles in the body and brain processes that deal with addiction. MAT programs have proven effective in supporting sustained sobriety. This means that your physical cravings will be somewhat alleviated to help you focus on therapy and aftercare. Once you clear your body of the need for a physical substance, behavioral therapies can help you reach your recovery goals.

The benefits of a MAT program are:

  • Around-the-clock supervision by trained medical professionals
  • FDA-approved drugs administered to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased likelihood of achieving sobriety and remaining in recovery

Armed with new and healthful coping mechanisms, you can replace the need for addictive substances with positive changes. A coordinated effort between your MAT program and therapy will help you to avoid chances of relapse. You can break free of addiction with Gulf Breeze Recovery’s MAT program.

Vivitrol Addiction Treatment Program

The compulsive use of one or more substances despite obvious negative consequences defines the behavior behind addiction. But when you become addicted, it can be difficult to stop using a substance due to physical dependence. For example, if you are addicted to opiates, your brain chemicals will be altered to need opiates for survival. Your body will punish you with debilitating symptoms if you stop taking opiates thereafter. One of the medications commonly used to treat opiate addiction is Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a robust part of many types of MAT programs for detox. The right MAT program can help you control physical withdrawal symptoms. That is the aim of Vivitrol treatment.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol or naltrexone is an injectable shot that can block the effects of narcotics or opioids. It is a non-addictive substance that can support addiction treatment. A Vivitrol treatment program can be used for drug or alcohol dependence issues. This means it can help you to treat your addiction by reducing your need for opioids or alcohol. While it is not a cure, Vivitrol treatment can help support medical detox and therapeutic aftercare programs. When paired with a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program under the purvey of experienced professionals, Vivitrol treatment can help you with recovery. When you experience fewer physical symptoms of addiction, you can do the work needed to meet your goals for sobriety. With Gulf Breeze Recovery and a Vivitrol treatment program, you can start your journey to wellness today.

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With Gulf Breeze Recovery, located in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida, our groundbreaking, holistic methods of detox and treatment will help guide you into sobriety. Our white-sand beaches and meaningful therapeutic atmosphere offers you flexibility and insight. Our reflective environment boasts a waterfront setting, captivating wildlife, and gorgeous views.

A Vivitrol addiction treatment program in Florida offers you or a loved one struggling with addiction the best chance of breaking free from drugs or alcohol. We offer a transformational approach to comprehensive, individualized treatment.

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