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Safe, natural, and comfortable detox, done right!

“Our protocols have gotten the approval of many of our former guests, who like myself, we’re afraid of withdrawal. That’s because they were surprised by how comfortable and natural we made the process. I offer more than a clinical perspective as an Addictionologist and Doctor of Family Medicine, I also offer hope as a man sober for over 20 years from Opioids and someone who has sat on the bed, just like them.”

Who needs detox and why?

Use or abuse of alcohol and other drugs can cause changes in brain chemistry, affecting the way we process feelings and emotions. These changes can significantly affect mood by flooding the brain with neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Without medical supervision, withdrawal from alcohol and drugs can be a painful and dangerous experience. Feel secure knowing that we will keep you safe, secure, and comfortable during your medically supervised detox.

You or someone you love will experience around-the-clock compassionate and loving care throughout the detoxification process. We are here to not only provide top-quality medical care but to provide hope as well. Our medical team are experts to manage pain and stress as you transition off substances in a safe and comfortable environment with private rooms, healthy food, and comfortable surroundings. All detoxification rooms are private and designed for relaxation, serenity, and comfort. We want to ensure you start your addiction treatment with a clean slate.

About Gulf Breeze Recovery’s medically licensed detoxification process.

When performed correctly, the detoxification process can be achieved safely and comfortably. We are a fully licensed medical detoxification recovery facility. To ensure you or your loved one’s safety, our team of doctors and nurses provide care 24 hours a day seven days a week. We want you to receive a strong feeling of hope and relief immediately upon arrival at our facility.

Immediately upon admission, we are able to care for you or your loved one to prevent any lapse in treatment.

You or your loved one’s total perceived experience in an alcohol or drug treatment center can be directly associated with the detoxification experience. It is important that our guests begin the program with a positive mindset. When people initially feel that they are being cared for, that positive association is carried over into the rest of the program. For comfort, the detoxification section is in a separate wing of the building and is equipped with private rooms. Our medical doctors and nursing staff are highly skilled and trained in drug and alcohol detoxification protocols ensuring that you or your loved one has a safe, comfortable withdrawal.

Our Detox Specialists are available 24/7 to make sure you are comfortable.

/All clients meet with our Physician and nurses upon admission. If you have a need for additional medical care or services, our experienced medical and clinical consultants can care for a wide variety of co-occurring medical issues that you may need to address early in your treatment experience.
Please contact us any time you have questions. We are here to listen to help you fulfill your full potential.

Detox Medications.

You or your loved one will receive a Doctor’s assessment upon admission, along with a history, physical and a clinical therapeutic evaluation. Our medical staff will work together to tailor an individualized detoxification protocol for you. Since it sets the tone for your recovery, we want to make sure that you are safe and comfortable during the detox phase of your care.