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Drug Abuse, Addiction and Recovery.

How many times have you asked yourself if you can start over again?

Those facing the struggles of drug abuse and drug addiction may have a hard time imagining recovery and what it will feel like. We want you to know that “normalcy” a new beginning is possible. It doesn’t matter how long you or a loved one has been struggling with drugs or how many times they’ve tried quitting before — drug addiction can be overcome, and you can live a “normal,” clean and sober life happily. It’s never too late to get help for recovery treatment.

Drug abuse and drug addiction can feel like a dizzying and frustrating merry go round. It can cause severe physical, emotional, and mental distress in you or your loved one’s life. Making the decision to begin recovery means you’re choosing to reclaim your life and taking the first important step towards stopping the revolving door of chronic drug relapse. You are not alone.

What is Drug Abuse or Addiction?

What is Drug Abuse or Addiction? Drug abuse or misuse is the use of prescription drugs in a manner other than as directed by a doctor, by using someone else’s prescription or overusing illegal drugs. Drug addiction, which is also called substance abuse disorder, is a chronic condition that affects a person’s behavior and leads to compulsive or difficult to control use of a legal or illegal drug or substance. When a person is addicted, they may continue using the drug despite harmful consequences.


Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids were five times higher in 2016 than in 1999. (Source)


Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic drug addiction treatment facility providing compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Safe, Comfortable Medical Care 24/7

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s medically licensed detoxification wing has a team of doctors and nurses who provide licensed medical care 24 hours a day seven days a week to help you or someone you love safely and comfortably achieve detoxification. We are a fully licensed medical detoxification recovery facility. To ensure you or your loved one’s safety, our detoxification wing is an acute care zone. We stock our own detoxification medications so you or your loved one will be cared for immediately upon or during admission, preventing any lapses of care.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s medically licensed detox wing has a team of Doctors and Nurses who provide licensed medical care 24/7.

We have discovered that when performed correctly, the detoxification process can be achieved safely and comfortably. We are a fully licensed medical detoxification recovery facility. To ensure you or your loved one’s safety, our detoxification wing is an acute care zone. Our team of doctors and nurses provide care 24 hours a day seven days a week. We are able to care for you or your loved one immediately upon admissions, which prevents any lapses of care for him or her.

Immediately upon admission, we are able to care for you or your loved one to prevent any lapse in treatment.

Our research shows that a person’s total perceived experience in a drug treatment center can be directly associated with his or her detoxification experience. When people feel that they are being cared for and that the medical staff is doing everything they can to make their experience as comfortable as possible, then that positive association is carried over into the rest of the program. We understand how important it is for our guests to begin their program with a positive mindset. Our detoxification wing is built with our guests in mind. For you or your loved one’s comfort, the detoxification section is in a separate wing of the building and is equipped with private rooms. Our medical doctors and nursing staff are highly skilled and trained in drug and alcohol detoxification protocols ensuring that you or your loved one has a safe, comfortable withdrawal.

The Following are other parts of our holistic recovery program:

  • Resistance Reversal
    When our guests experience who we really are their resistance fades away.
    Resistance Reversal
  • Physical Health Recovery
    Healthy diet, restful sleep coupled with exercise and spa therapies.
    Physical Health Recovery
  • Mental Health Recovery
    Rediscover your innate health and personal resilience.
    Holistic Mental Health
  • Individualized Aftercare
    What you learn here doesn’t end when you graduate from the program.
    Individualized Aftercare
Our Medical Director’s endorsement is more than just professional, it’s personal!

In addition to being board-certified in addiction medicine, David Espenscheid, MD is also a family medicine doctor who has been practicing in Pensacola, FL. for 34 years. His endorsement of our program is more than clinical, for him it’s personal!

Individualized Treatment Plans

Reaching the Root Causes of Addiction for Sustainable Change

No two people are the same. Gulf Breeze Recovery’s individualized program works for people who suffer from chronic relapse. You or your loved one will experience individualized treatment with customized treatment care plans suited to specific needs and goals. You will soon discover that you are not broken or limited by your past behaviors. This understanding has far-reaching implications and gives people an entirely different perspective of themselves and the world around them.

Our unique treatment approach works where many other treatment programs have failed. Our guest’s treatment experience based on rediscovering health rather than spending a lifetime in recovery creates hopeful and positive outcomes. We guarantee a drug and alcohol treatment program that goes beyond drug addiction and promotes a new outlook on life. Our THRIVE® program focuses on ending chronic relapse by getting to the heart of the matter and finding the underlying, essence of addiction, rather than solely on addictive behaviors. This focus creates lasting change that is natural and sustainable. This change creates a shift in perspective and will enable you or someone you love to, once again, experience “normalcy” and become captains of their own “ship.”

What if my loved one or I have been through a Drug Rehabilitation treatment program before?

When it comes to treating drug addiction everyone has different needs. Because of the way drugs change your brain and body over time, it can be very difficult to break an addiction, which makes addiction relapse very common. Drug Addiction doesn’t happen in the heart, it happens in the brain. In order to stop the revolving door of chronic relapse, you must deal with the underlying root causes that can contribute to drug addiction. Getting the right kind of professional help for you or your loved one is the best hope of taking back control of your life. Gulf Breeze Recovery’s medically supervised non-12 step holistic drug detoxification and drug rehabilitation program stops the revolving door of chronic relapse and helps you overcome addiction for a better life.

How is Gulf Breeze Recovery’s Drug Rehabilitation Program Different?

gulf breeze recovery has a drug addiction treatment center in florida

Our program is about more than surviving addiction; it’s about learning how to THRIVE!

We provide a medically supervised, holistic, non-12 step rehabilitation program for drug treatment with a completely individualized, caring approach that treats the whole person and not just the addiction. Instead of just focusing on taking away the drug, we treat the individual so we can give something back to you or your loved one: peace, contentment, serenity, and the expectancy and joy of a “normal” life. Most of all, you or your loved one will come away with a deep feeling of relief in recovery. Relief from the worry, pain, stress and strain that came with addiction. Using multiple approaches that are aligned with the principles of addiction recovery, the overall health of the individual is the focus.

gulf breeze recovery has a drug addiction treatment center in floridaGulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® (Total Health Recovery) program focuses on ending chronic drug relapse by finding the underlying, essence of how the addiction started and progressed, rather than solely on addictive behaviors. Our guests experience real, sustainable change… Different program, different results.

One of the greatest differences you’ll notice about Gulf Breeze Recovery is the warm, inviting feeling you get from our staff and the relief you feel from the moment you step into our relaxing, waterfront rehabilitation environment.

gulf breeze recovery has a drug addiction treatment center in floridaOur tranquil treatment environment and expert team of dedicated and compassionate staff members are almost as important as the drug rehabilitation program itself. Gulf Breeze Recovery center provides an extraordinary treatment experience in a beautiful, natural waterfront location on the Santa Rosa Sound that allows you or your loved one to focus on having a relaxing and successful recovery process. Connecting with nature, watching dolphins and wildlife in the sound or exercising and meditating while listening to the water allows for focus, peace and serenity. Every member of the Gulf Breeze Recovery team is here to help guide you on your recovery journey.

Holistic treatment includes learning about addiction and recovery but also includes things like exercise, spa treatments, nutrition, neurofeedback, group counseling and multiple one on one therapy sessions. The program is insight based, which gives room for you or your loved one to have their own realization or “ah-ha” moments concerning their situation and addiction.

A New Beginning Is Possible!

gulf breeze recovery has a drug addiction treatment center in florida

Knowing More About Drug Abuse and Addiction Could Help Save a Life

Whether you are concerned about your own struggles with drugs or for those of a loved one, knowing more about drug abuse and addiction could help save your life or the life of someone you care about. It’s important to understand the ways drugs affect your body and brain over time since they can make it very difficult to quit using without professional guidance and help.

Our caring, non-judgmental professional staff are available to help answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the full detoxification and recovery process and show you how living a sober life happily is possible.

How does drug addiction start?

Drug addiction can start with the first experimental use of a drug in social settings for some and for others, begin with the exposure of prescribed medication. Most people voluntarily make the decision to take drugs initially, but the repeated use of drugs can lead to changes in the brain that can cause interference with an addicted person’s self-control and ability to resist urges to take drugs. The drugs cause ongoing brain changes which alters the brain and makes quitting on your own hard even when you want to. Drug addiction is considered to be a complex “relapsing” condition because of these persistent brain changes.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Take Drugs?

Taking most drugs affects the brain’s “reward circuit,” which causes a euphoric affect and floods it with dopamine – a chemical messenger. Normally, the brain’s reward center stimulates you to repeat healthy good behaviors like eating and spending time with your family and friends. When a person is taking drugs, the floods of dopamine in the reward circuit cause the reinforcement of pleasurable, but unhealthy habits like taking drugs, which causes people to repeat that bad behavior repeatedly.

Tolerance — Taking More To Get The Same High

Individualized Whole Body & Mind Health Approach.

Over time and with continued drug use, your brain changes and adapts by reducing the ability of cells located in the reward circuit to respond to the drug, which continually reduces the high. This is how you build up a tolerance. This leads to taking more of the drug to get the same high. The person will find it harder to take pleasure in things they once enjoyed like food, social activities, or sex. Those suffering with addiction will find that as their drug use increases, it is increasingly more difficult to go without the drug. Attempts to stop using the drug may cause intense physical withdrawal symptoms. The brain adaptations from drug abuse and addiction affect the entire body’s brain chemical system and circuits and cause long term changes that affect learning, judgement, decision-making, memory, behavior, and stress functions.

What influences drug addiction?

Drug addiction is influenced by a combination of factors and no single factor can predict if someone will become addicted. However, the more risk factors a person has, the greater risk that taking drugs may lead to addition. Here are a few factors to be aware of:

Genetics: The risk for addiction starts with the genes that you’re born with and accounts for half of a person’s risk for addiction. Biology – the gender, ethnicity and understanding the presence of other mental or physical health disorders may influence the risk for drug use and addiction.

Environment: A person’s family, friends, economic status, and general quality of life all influence their environment. There are many different environmental factors that can greatly affect a person’s likelihood of drug use and addiction – exposure to violence, physical, mental and sexual abuse, early exposure to drugs, alcohol, stress, peer pressure, and parental guidance.

Development: Interaction with critical development stages in a person’s life with their genetic and environmental factors can also affect their drug addiction risk. While taking drugs at any age can lead to addiction, the earlier the drug use begins, the more likely it is to turn into addiction. This is especially true for teenagers because the areas within their brains that are responsible for controlling decision-making, self-control and judgement are still developing, making them especially prone for risky behaviors like taking drugs.

Once the grip of drug addiction has taken hold it can be difficult to break without professional help. The good news is that drug addiction is a condition that can be treated. It’s important to understand that treatment approaches vary. Gulf Breeze Recovery’s program is based on a highly individualized treatment approach to each person’s specific needs, their drug use patterns and any co-occurring medical, mental, and social problems. The program gets to essence of why a person chose to use the drug in the first place and then continue into addiction. Our goal is to help you or your loved one stop the revolving door of chronic drug relapse and to enjoy health and find contentment, happiness, and serenity through sober living.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s Guests Say it Best!

Men or Women, Alcohol or Drugs, Transformation is the Solution.

Our program is like no other in the world, and our guests and their families describe us better than we can. After Scotty had a terrible accident he was introduced to pain meds and eventually heroin! He was also introduced to more than one 12-step rehab before finding Gulf Breeze Recovery’s unique non 12-step program. Here he discovered the difference between rehab and true total health recovery!

Compassionate Drug Addiction Treatment Center & Rehab

Learn About Drug Addiction Treatment at Gulf Breeze Recovery

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic drug addiction treatment facility in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida providing compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

We understand that entering rehab for drug addiction is a big step. But even if you have been resistant to treatment in the past, Gulf Breeze Recovery may be right for you. Our THRIVE program promotes total health recovery in a way that makes drugs no longer a preference for life to hold interest again.

Our individualized, cutting-edge, program is dedicated to restoring your natural health and emotional wellness. On a deeper level, however, we are combining a range of evidence-based, holistic treatment modalities to restore and develop dependence on your innate wisdom, not as an addict, but as a whole person capable of lasting change.

Our therapeutic approach includes:

  • A medically supervised detox wing with private suites, and a loving staff of great care-giving professionals
  • Long-term residential treatment in a luxury waterfront location, including chef prepared meals and private waterfront pool and beach
  • Neurofeedback, EMDR, and spa treatments for a deeper detox, promoting better sleep, appetite, mental clarity, and physical well being
  • More one-on-one therapy hours than required by insurance companies or state regulators with some of the best therapists in the world
  • Group therapy, art therapy, meditation, qi-gong, yoga, and personal homeopathic therapies
  • Insight encouraging groups and intensives for personal transformation and breakthrough
  • Our program reveals your personal power, you take it with you after you leave

Our program is “portable” it goes with you after you leave.

During your stay at Gulf Breeze Recovery, you’ll have a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This will include comprehensive services for any co-occurring disorders that might be complicating or supporting your drug addiction.

While here, you focus on recovering, and reaching these goals:

  • A safe, natural, and comfortable detox
  • Reducing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms
  • Learning the truth about our innate wisdom to prevent future relapses
  • Addressing co-occurring disorders, and where appropriate, reduce their influence
  • Having a transformational series of insights
  • Regaining your personal power, and becoming comfortable again

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s effective treatments of co-occurring disorders with drug addiction.

Co-Occurring Disorders

When guests first enter the facility, they may have untreated co-occurring issues which could be contributing to their struggle with drug addiction. Treating just the symptoms of drug addiction alone typically doesn’t lead to lasting recovery and substantial transformative experiences. This is especially true if the co-occurring disorder remains untreated.

Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

Therapy and counseling sessions with trained addiction specialists will form the core of your drug addiction recovery program. We use evidence-based modalities and an individualized treatment approach in our residential addiction treatment program.

Holistic and Experiential Therapies

Therapies used to supplement addiction counseling may include art therapy, music therapy, and recreational therapy. As rehab progresses, you may be taught more about nutrition, be treated for any chronic health issues, get therapy for co-occurring disorders, and practice spiritual and stress-reducing activities like meditation, qi-gong, or yoga.

Your Gulf Breeze Recovery THRIVE® Total Health Recovery Experience

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we provide safe, compassionate care in a clean residential setting. In this peaceful atmosphere, clients can focus on their treatment and recovery from drug addiction without the worries of external pressures and stressors.

World-Class Clinical Staff

Our expert clinical team provides individual therapy using proven evidence-based treatment modalities to treat drug dependency.

Individualized Treatment Plans

You or your loved one’s alcohol problem and underlying issues are different than other people’s, so your treatment plan should also be different. Your therapist will work individually with you to customize a treatment plan that fits your specific needs and is right for you.

Luxurious Private Location

You can find us in Gulf Breeze, Fl on the Santa Rosa Sound just across from the white sands of Pensacola Beach. We are located in a beautiful, waterfront setting that features panoramic views, white-sand area, and the occasional seagull or dolphin. Our therapeutic amenities and activities help our clients reconnect with their bodies, nurture their spirits, and even create a sense of fun and adventure that only enhances the healing process and the transformative insights that will change their lives.