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FAQ’s about Gulf Breeze Recovery’s non-12 step holistic drug rehab program.

Why does our program take longer than 28-days?

The short answer, because it works.

The facts are indisputable: people have a greater chance of long-term recovery in a program that is longer than the traditional 28-days; however, it’s not just about time spent in a program. It is what people are doing and learning to bring about positive sustainable change coupled with the additional time that makes all the difference. You or your loved one will experience a natural process that allows them to “see for themselves” that it is possible to live both sober and happy. Always remember, “The view is worth the climb.”

We have addressed some of the more commonly asked questions here on our FAQ page. For additional information or questions on what can I bring to rehab at Gulf Breeze Recovery? please do not hesitate to call 833.551.2304 to speak with one of our trained professionals!

12 more FAQ’s about our unique and effective treatment program.

What is the average length of stay?

How long does it take to complete the program? No two people are alike. To give you or someone you love the best chance at long-term recovery, we refuse to take a nice, neat, “canned” time-frame and place everyone into the same category. To maintain a results-based culture, our program must be flexible and customizable based on your needs. This flexibility requires that the program take as long as you or your loved one needs it to take. We offer three different program options, call: 833.551.2304 and speak to one of our professionals about which option is right for you.

What makes Gulf Breeze Recovery different?

I have sent my loved one to various other drug and alcohol treatment centers without any success. What can your program do differently that will help our family and loved one? Unlike traditional addiction treatment programs, we refuse to treat just the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction. We treat addiction for what it really is: an innocent attempt to find happiness, contentment, a way to relieve stress, a way to fit in, a way to make the pain go away, etc. through drugs or alcohol. What’s significant is that this effort works, albeit short-term, at the beginning and, “disguises” itself as a solution for many years. Unfortunately, this perceived solution eventually creates a habitual pattern and then innocently spirals into full-blown addiction.
Instead of concentrating on the issues and just taking away the drug or alcohol (person’s perceived solution), our program process gives something back: Health and the path to contentment. You or your loved one will rediscover peace of mind, self-worth, being ok, comfort in one’s “own skin,” security in knowing that “I’m enough” and that “I’m not broken.” which leads to the long-term sustainable solution. The program is designed to build the framework necessary for introspection so that you or someone you love can discover, through insight, the real truth concerning the origin of the addiction problem. This discovery starts the process of opening the door to forgiveness, rather than shame, and points the way to the deeper truth concerning the addiction problem. For a more-detailed explanation of how we help where others have failed, call: (855) 400-6190.

What about the size of your facility?

How important is the size of your treatment center? The size of our facility is another reason you or your loved one will have greater chance to experience success at Gulf Breeze Recovery. Our facility is large enough to provide cutting edge treatment, but small enough to offer individualized programs where each guest is known and called by name (see our blog, “The Goldilocks Theory in Choosing a Drug Rehab”). If you enjoy socializing and getting to know others, there are plenty of opportunities to do so along our private white-sand area overlooking the water, playing a game of ping pong, pool, or even corn-hole out on our lawn during free time. If you prefer quiet time and space to reflect, there are plenty of cozy areas for reading, reflection and personal conversations away from the general group. Our facility was specifically designed for our guest’s comfort and safety.

What if my family has given up?

My loved one has been to several rehab centers and is killing his/herself. My family has given up. How can I help my family understand that we cannot abandon him/her?
You are doing the right thing by not giving up. Most treatment centers are based on the 12 steps of alcoholic anonymous founded in the 1930s. Many people who have attended multiple centers have, in reality, only attended one program….that’s right, only one. Some treatment centers may have a little different “twist” or added a feature to their program, but the concept and program are all based on the same book and philosophy. In most cases, the problem is that the person and the traditional program is just not a good fit. Doesn’t make the person or the program, “bad.” Our program is different, refreshing, innovative, and successful and has helped many people who have attended other facilities and, for whatever reason, have been unsuccessful.
Your family has earned the right to be disappointed and to feel the way they feel. Your family has probably been told on several occasions that, since your loved one is not responding positively to treatment, that he or she is in denial (see the denial myth) and must hit “rock bottom.” This line of thinking is understandable but begs the question: what is your loved one’s definition of “rock bottom?” For some people “rock bottom” could be losing a spouse, home or job, for others it could be death; no one knows. Perhaps there may be another way of looking at the situation.
Understanding that you or your loved one’s unsuccessful attempt/s at substance abuse could be an outgrowth of ineffective treatment or that the “traditional” treatment option was a “poor fit” would help enable your family members to view the problem from a different perspective. This point of view will help you and your family discover a realized truth concerning treatment, which could turn anger and resentment into compassion. This compassion may then manifest itself into a desire to try again to find a way to help your loved one. This new-found desire could then motivate your family members to find a program that is different, that can attend to the origin of the addiction problem and the true needs of your loved one. The answer to drug and alcohol addiction lies in concentrating and helping people rediscover their health. Our program is based on the fact that people do have the innate power, wisdom, drive, and ability to overcome addiction and experience peace. People with addiction problems have just temporarily lost their way.
Take that first step toward helping your family discover the truth concerning your loved one’s drug addiction problem. We can help. Our trained and caring counselors can assist you in creating a strategy designed for you and your family’s unique situation. Give us a call: (855) 400-6190. All calls are confidential.

Transparency: What you see is what you get!

How accurately do you portray your facility on your website? Since the inception of Gulf Breeze Recovery we have been committed to offering transparency to those interested in evaluating our facility for themselves or their loved ones. People wishing to find the right place want to know that what they see is what they are going to get. Gulf Breeze Recovery continues that transparency with genuine testimonials from real clients in their own words, our live webcam, and a virtual tour of the facility provided by a neutral third party, which is also found on this website.

When you just want results.

What can I expect from your program and services? In a word…RESULTS. Our program and services are designed to be results driven, which is entrenched in our entire system of treatment and methods of operation. Management expects results from staff; the staff expects results from management, we expect to see results from our guests and our guests should expect results from us and our program. Anything less creates complacency and promotes failure, no excuses.
You should also expect a certain high-quality level of care for you or your loved one. You should expect our facility to be neat, clean and comfortable, the food to be prepared fresh daily allowing for special requests and the facility to be located in a setting conducive to recovery. You should expect a serene, peaceful environment for contemplation and recovery. You should expect the staff to be highly trained and disciplined to provide an atmosphere where you or your loved one will feel cared for. You should also expect a program that inspires and empowers you or your loved one promoting personal responsibility and personal accountability along with encouraging increased self-worth, inner peace, and serenity. You should expect true hands on true one-on-one care and attention. You should also expect you or your loved one’s counselors to be accomplished and the best in the business.
These expectations are high; however, to be successful and offer the best chance of helping everyone, the contrary must be unacceptable. High expectations create the proper mindset and atmosphere that provides recovery opportunity for everyone. You or your loved one will benefit from our results-driven philosophy. The benefit will be in the realization of long-term happiness along with the subsequent freedom from addiction.

Resistance Reversal: Why our guests end up wanting to stay

What if my loved one does not want to stay? Our research shows that recovery can be successful if the treatment facility and program is conducive to making people feel comfortable and welcome and that every effort is made by the program’s staff to empower individuals to actively participate in the real work it takes to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Our facility and approach are unique. We have the appearance and comfort of a retreat with the discipline of a life-changing program.
Our goal is to reduce resistance to recovery and to maximize the chances of helping everyone. We refer our program participants as guests for a particular reason. If your loved one is treated as a guest and is being well cared for, then chances are that they will become willing participants. The key is to make you or your loved one feel welcome and for them to understand that they matter while gently being lead down the road to recovery. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that Gulf Breeze Recovery treat each person as a unique individual and as a guest.
Our commitment and setting help create the “buy-in” and desire necessary for your loved one to stay, successfully complete the program and to recover. Referring to and treating people as a guest creates responsibility. We are responsible and committed to producing and maintaining a clean, structured environment including a well-trained and disciplined staff; good meals prepared fresh daily, an empowering program that makes sense and a location that provides a setting in which a feeling of being well cared for is conducive to our guests.

Do we treat all addictions or just alcohol or drugs.

What addictions does Gulf Breeze Recovery treat? We treat all types of drug and alcohol addictions no matter how severe.

What about the Master Manipulator?

My loved one is a master manipulator and has manipulated many addiction counselors. What makes your facility and counselors different than all the others regarding manipulation? Our program is designed specifically to handle clients’ manipulations. When people are focused on manipulation, there is always a “disconnect” between their words and their actions. Our daily staff meetings are designed to uncover any irregularities or problems with our guests such as those stemming from manipulations.
Instead of using “dry facts” that can be used to repeat back to our counselors, our program is designed to promote the creation of insights or realized truths which are internally created and produce a certain feeling and a higher level of awareness. Although many try, it is hard to express to anyone, especially trained counselors, the understanding of a higher standard of awareness and a feeling that your loved one has not experienced. It simply cannot be done.
Our counselors understand the nature of manipulation and take it for what it is: an upper-level form of resistance. Instead of giving up on your loved one or accusing him or her of denial (see “Denial Myth”), our counselors search for reasons why a person is resistant to treatment and the methods to overcome the resistance. Resistance is born out of fear, realized or not, and we help guests overcome their fear and subsequent resistance, which will create a rapid transformation process.
Our one-on-one counseling services are designed, and the counselors are trained to uncover manipulations and to work with your loved one to create honest insights about his or her insecurities. The single most important service we can provide for our guests and their families is to uncover methods that make sense and assists people in creating insights that will lead them to discover the root of the manipulation problem.

What about our location?

Do you have any locations closer to where I live? Everything we do at Gulf Breeze Recovery is to maximize you or your loved one’s chances of success. Recovery from substance abuse is always worth a plane or a car ride to the facility. Our program is state-of-the-art, innovative and it works. We work and strive for positive outcomes. We understand that if a positive outcome becomes the “norm” and is expected by all parties, then a positive outcome is what we should get. No excuses.
Substance abuse is chronic and deadly. It is important to find a drug treatment program that is best suited for you or your loved one’s needs, not one that is geographically close. Recovery should never take a “back seat” to other concerns. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is you or your loved one being liberated from the desire to abuse substances. Take the first step and call 1-1-855-485-3273. Our trained and caring counselors will provide any information needed and will help “walk” you through the process that leads down the road to recovery.

What is Neurofeedback?

How do we employ the latest technology in recovery? We’re different because our program is founded on the core principle that you are fundamentally not broken.
Guests of our non-12 step holistic drug rehab are offered an individualized program that enables them to experience deep insights that change the nature of how they see themselves and the world around them! Our methods have evolved as we employ new understanding in brain science and how the mind works when it’s healthy as well as when it’s addicted. We use simple but effective methods of restoring healthy thinking that enables our guests to take their power back! It will change the way you experience your life from that moment forward!

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