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a woman works through issues in her emdr therapy programTrauma can happen anytime in your life. Some common triggers of trauma may include losing a loved one, being bullied, experiencing natural disasters or accidents, being the victim of violence, or witnessing violence in your community. When you experience a traumatic event, it can take years to heal from experience. However, when you live in a constant state of emotional vigilance, healing can be altered by developing substance use or mental health concerns. Trauma can even live in your physical body, causing sleeping problems, body pain, anxiety, and migraines. But true healing is within your reach with the innovative therapy programs at Gulf Breeze Recovery. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing may be the cutting-edge therapy you need to move beyond your trauma and regain control of your life.

What Is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a psychotherapy tool that enables individuals to resolve and heal from traumatic life occurrences. During a session, your clinician will either use a device or move their fingers back and forth in front of your face and ask you to follow these motions with your eyes. This motion stimulates the specific eye movements you experience during REM sleep. REM sleep is the phase of sleep that helps our brain naturally restore and heal.

It is important to note that this is not a form of hypnosis. You retain control throughout the session. During these movements, you will be asked to recall a disturbing event with as much specificity as you can comfortably communicate. Through your sessions, your therapist will gradually guide your thoughts to pleasant alternate thoughts. This replaces your debilitating negative emotions with more positive ones. Sometimes therapists will use musical tones or tapping sounds to promote the positive shift of emotions. The goal is to disable the emotional impact of negative memories.

Phases Of An EMDR Therapy Program

Most EMDR treatment involves the following specific phases:

  1. History: Together with the clinician, you will gather information from your life events and help you to form your specialized goals for your sessions.
  2. Coping Skills: In preparation for the distress caused by later phases of treatment, you will develop new coping mechanisms for emotional distress. You will also select safe-place images and ideas that can help to provide a sense of stabilization.
  3. Assessment: Negative beliefs and your physical reaction to them are interrogated and recorded. You will select desired positive beliefs about yourself.
  4. Desensitization: Desensitization methods are used. This can include eye movements, tones, and taps. The therapist will continually check for your comfort level throughout the session.
  5. Installation: Selected positive and desired beliefs from the assessment stage will be used to help you begin to change your cognitive assessment of the traumatic event.
  6. Body Scan: Noticing residual tension or distress by you and your therapist helps you determine if you may need more repeated treatments to process the traumatic event. Phases 3-6 may be repeated as a cycle during the session, depending on your personal comfort level.
  7. Closure: This is how the individual session will end. Typically, this will include activities like guided imagery or journal writing and discussion.
  8. Reevaluation: A review of the progress made in treatment.

This treatment is an individualized and renewable process. This means that it may take many repeated treatments for you to complete your processing. Following these phases helps your therapist to gauge if more treatments are needed and to make sure that the process is a healing one for you.

Seek EMDR Treatment At Gulf Breeze Recovery In Florida

When you get the specialized treatment you need, it can make all the difference in your recovery from trauma or addiction. Seek EMDR treatment today. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, located in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida, we mix evidence-based treatments with holistic methods to treat all aspects of your life. Move towards wellness on our white-sand beaches with the right caring professionals for your needs. Our serene environment, waterfront setting, panoramic views, and engaging wildlife will offer you the space to integrate new ways of thinking. Call us today at [direct] to learn more about your full transformation of life. Our treatment programs will nurture your mind and body to restore your peace of mind.

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