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gulf breeze recovery offers co-occurring disorders treatment program

Learn About Co-Occurring Disorders and Substance Abuse Treatment at Gulf Breeze Recovery.

A co-occurring disorder refers to the condition in which an individual has a co-existing mental disorder and substance use disorder at the same time. Underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, or other disorders can be the root cause of a person’s separate substance abuse or addiction disorder.

That’s where the Gulf Breeze Recovery team comes to the rescue. Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic treatment facility in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida. We provide compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and co-occurring disorders resulting in personal transformation.

Having a co-occurring disorder completely alters the way people must be cared for, which is why it’s critical for you or your loved one to receive customized treatment specific to your situation. Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® program offers that higher level of care. The seasoned staff at our world-class residential facility use an individualized approach to treat drug and alcohol addiction, alongside any unique co-occurring disorders.

We recognize that starting any rehab program is a major breakthrough in a person’s life. One of the hurdles potential guests face when getting started is an undiagnosed/untreated co-occurring disorder. Such disorders not only make existing substance abuse problems worse, they also affect people’s judgement, causing them to resist the idea of seeking help in the first place. Once the decision is made to get better, you or your loved one can finally start the road to recovery.

Our THRIVE® program decreases the impact of co-occurring disorders and substance abuse to promote total health recovery. The program restores natural health and emotional wellness by combining a range of evidence-based, holistic treatment modalities to restore and develop dependence on one’s innate wisdom…not as an “addict” but as a whole person capable of lasting change.

THRIVE® therapy offers:

  • Residential treatment with private rooms at our luxury waterfront location by Santa Rosa Sound, featuring chef-prepared meals and access to our private waterfront pool and beach area
  • A modern, medically supervised detoxification wing with private rooms, staffed by highly trained care-giving professionals
  • Neurofeedback, EMDR, and relaxing spa treatments for deeper detox, superior sleep promotion, appetite stimulation, increased mental clarity, and optimal physical well-being
  • Enhanced 1-on-1 therapy hours (greater than the number required by insurance companies or state regulators), conducted by some of the best therapists in the field
  • Invigorating group therapy, creative art therapy, peaceful meditation, qi-gong practice, yoga, and personal homeopathic therapies
  • Insight-encouraging groups and intensives for personal transformation and breakthrough

Our THRIVE® program unleashes your personal power, which you retain long after you leave Gulf Breeze Recovery. You or your loved one will transition into your new life, reinvigorated and healthier than ever before!

gulf breeze recovery offers co-occurring disorders treatment program

Integrative Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders.

As mentioned, people suffering from co-occurring disorders can only get better when both issues are treated together through an individualized holistic approach. Simply treating substance abuse without addressing root causes like depression, for instance, are not going to be sufficient to remedy the overall conditions. All problems must be taken into consideration and treated concurrently.

gulf breeze recovery offers co-occurring disorders treatment program

Studies show that positive patient outcomes are best achieved through the use of customized treatment for co-occurring disorders

We’ve seen the effects personally in the lives of our guests who’ve gone through Gulf Breeze Recovery’s treatment plan. They’ve enjoyed higher success rates and fewer relapses after finishing our unique THRIVE® program.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® Treatment Program for Co-Occurring Disorders

We all experience life through our own conscious thoughts. People can sometimes trick themselves into believing self-medicating is a viable way to attain relief from mental anguish or pain. Unfortunately, using substances is the only “solution” some people know and so they return to them in order to try and cope.

Ultimately returning to the substances over and over only serves to make matters worse. Our Gulf Breeze Recovery professionals have vast experience in rooting out underlying issues to devise comprehensive treatment plans for virtually any co-occurring problems.