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a man may need anger management therapyAnger is a natural and often justifiable response to the frustrations of life. However, when your anger response affects your workplace, home life, or relationships, it may mean that the ways that you express your anger may not be providing a productive outlet for you. This can affect your emotional and physical health and lead to serious consequences like the loss of employment, relationships, or legal troubles. If you are experiencing difficulty coping with your world, it may be time to seek anger management therapy with Gulf Breeze Recovery’s addiction therapy programs.

Managing Anger

Anger management therapy helps you reduce anger in your life and adjust to life changes that could cause anger. The purpose of this type of holistic treatment therapy is to teach you ways to gain the insight you need to pivot away from a place of anger. It is important to recognize that anger is a valuable reaction when used appropriately. When you act aggressively regularly, you do a disservice to yourself by internalizing other emotions and devaluing the sometimes practical attributions for angry feelings. Working with the right professional can help you to shed light on the roots of your anger. When you change aggressive behavior, your life can open up to you in unexpected ways.

Anger Management Treatment

There are plenty of reasons to be angry, such as social injustice, humiliation, loss, serious physical or mental illness, or even daily frustrations like a bad morning commute. Anger management therapy will help you to examine the situations that trigger your behavior. Successful therapy will help you to develop healthful responses to this stimulus, no matter the cause. Some techniques employed in anger management treatment may include the following:

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation Strategies
  • Impulse Control Exercises
  • Self-Awareness Activities

These may seem like simple ways to treat a serious problem, but making your program portable for you is paramount to your ability to employ these strategies in the world. It is important to remember that treatment may look different for each struggling with anger issues. Someone recovering from a traumatic brain injury may express anger differently than someone who is fighting substance addiction. Recognizing what causes your anger is just one part of recovery.

Anger And Substance Abuse

Anger management programs can be complicated by addiction in our lives. However, Gulf Breeze Recovery’s holistic approach to treatment means considering you as a whole person with physical and emotional needs and factors. Anger issues are a symptom of many types of substance abuse issues. But it is important to remember that when you are addicted to a substance, you may not control your anger response. This can mean that treating underlying conditions such as addiction can help to alleviate your anger response. If you are experiencing serious repercussions from anger and substance use, consider our inpatient treatment options. Let our experienced professionals facilitate your full recovery process.

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