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Our Fifteen-Part Pledge is our commitment to our guests who attend our Non-12 step holistic drug Rehab.

If you have attended multiple drug and alcohol treatment facilities and received the same results, give us a call at 833.551.2304. Gulf Breeze Recovery specializes in overcoming chronic relapse.

Promises: 1-5

  1. We shall always strive for clarity. It is, for this reason, we have a virtual tour designed by a third party, unscripted testimonials, and a live streaming webcam.
  2. We shall seek to help meet the needs of each caller in a friendly conversational manner.
  3. As a positive consequence for their hard work, we shall take our guests on outings consisting of going to the beach, movies, parks, etc.
  4. We shall take an industry leadership position in the number of therapy hours our guests receive at Gulf Breeze Recovery.
  5. We shall tailor our individualized holistic drug rehab program to fit each individual’s needs.

Promises: 6-10

  1. We shall always endeavor to deliver a treatment environment and individualized program that offers the best chance for complete recovery.
  2. We shall hold ourselves accountable and are committed to a quality assurance program designed for continuous improvement.
  3. Our facility shall always be kept neat, clean and comfortable for the best recovery experience possible.
  4. We shall serve healthy enjoyable meals prepared by our in-house team of chefs.
  5. The delivery of our individualized holistic drug rehab program shall always take priority over any and all matters.

Promises: 11-15

  1. We shall deliver a safe and pleasant holistic drug rehab environment while taking care of our guests’ needs and providing support to their families.
  2. Our therapists shall be among the best in the recovery industry and shall receive continuous on-going training.
  3. We shall treat each guest with dignity and respect, providing clear and distinct boundaries.
  4. We shall conduct daily and weekly staff meetings to ensure proper communication concerning our guests’ recovery needs.
  5. We shall take a recovery industry leadership position in the treatment of addiction problems.

Rather than surrendering power, our guests rediscover that they can, once again, be captains of their own ship.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s resiliency based drug and alcohol treatment program is called THRIVE® and has an over 90% completion rate. Our recovery process helps correct some common misunderstandings about addiction treatment by tailoring the treatment plan to the individual rather than fitting the individual to a specific treatment plan. Our program is holistic, non-traditional, and a leader in the number of therapy hours received by our guests.

The THRIVE program allows people to see for themselves that their past does not have to define who they really are!

Every member of staff and administration undergoes intensive one-on-one coaching along with semi-annual continuing education retreats. We equip our staff to be living examples of health and resiliency. This commitment inspires confidence with our guests and their families.

Find out what our pledge really means to our guests?

After neurological surgery, Benzo’s had Christie feeling like somebody she didn’t even know.

Christie found herself in a personal hole she couldn’t get out of without help. The natural dependence that comes from being on prescription medications for a chronic condition made life unbearable for her, but once it all started to click it was nothing short of miraculous!
Our program is like no other in the world, and our guests and their families describe it best!

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