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a man debates entering a non-12 step therapy programGulf Breeze Recovery’s transformational non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment program is based on empowerment, resiliency and the power of insight.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a world-class, non-12 step, holistic alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment facility providing compassionate, comprehensive, cutting-edge therapies for addiction recovery and personal transformation.

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Our THRIVE program is based on Total Health Recovery.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s new paradigm of treating alcohol and drug addiction concentrates efforts on helping people to undergo their own transformational process. Unlike traditional therapy, our approach is based on the principles of total health recovery, which indicate that people are the creators of their experience, are incredibly resilient and that permanent change can come about more easily than most imagine possible. People do not need to be slaves to their past experiences and deeds. Once we understand that we are free to move beyond the past and that it doesn’t make up who we are, we can move forward with our lives.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We have the ability to change in profound ways. Once people understand the functions of human thought and awareness, they understand that the restoration of serenity and sanity is available to all of us, is not reliant on any outside source and is a moment-to-moment state of mind that is always accessible.

We are the captains of our own ship. Instead of being trapped in the minefield of addiction and/or recovery, we have the power and ability to steer ourselves free, enabling us to chart our own course and live our own lives. We just need to be reminded of our resiliency and understand how to clear the minefield. This is where our program comes into play.

Traditional Treatment
(12 Step Programs)

Traditional treatment centers are based on the 12-steps that have been in existence for almost 90 years and marked a change in the common view held that addiction was a moral shortcoming.

  • Positive feelings are a sign of delusion.
  • Treats an illness.
  • Treatment modality.
  • Assumes addiction is permanent and can only be controlled.
  • Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is hard work consisting of a lifetime of meetings and rituals.
  • Incurable lifetime condition based on the notion that the personality is fixed.
  • Powerless with a life spent in recovery.
  • Addiction is a product of biological and environmental determinants.
  • Addicts must relive past painful experiences to free themselves from the symptoms of addiction and to prevent relapse.
  • Treats an illness.No pain, no gain.

(Non-12 Step, Holistic)

Transformational treatment uses advances in brain science, psychology, and our understanding of addiction, treatment should be based on empowerment, resiliency and the power of insight.

  • Positive feelings are experienced when one is living in the present and with a higher level of understanding. Happiness is not a sign of delusion, but is a sign that one is living in his or her own natural good health.
  • Concentrates on regaining both the physical and mental health of the individual.
  • Teaching modality.
  • Holistic approach is both curative and preventative.
  • Happiness and serenity are our natural states and, consequently, so is returning to a healthy lifestyle. Once a person reaches a higher level of understanding, through personal insight, the drive for change can be both effortless and natural.
  • People can and do change in monumental degrees. We now know that the personality is the sum of ideas that people believe about themselves and is subject to change at any moment.
  • Recovered with a life spent living.
  • Addiction begins with an innocent attempt to find happiness, “fun,” a way to fit in, a way to make the pain go away, etc. through outside sources such as drugs and alcohol.
  • We are more than our past conditioning. The past is only a memory carried through time by thought. We have the power to choose how we respond to our thoughts.
  • What is important is to learn to live life in our natural healthy state without creating painful consequences.

“Throughout time, human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behavior and their lives, bringing them the happiness they previously had thought impossible. Finding wisdom has nothing to do with time. Achieving mental stability is a matter of finding healthy thoughts from moment to moment. Such thoughts can be light years or a second away.”

–Sydney Banks

Brook discovered something much more potent and intoxicating than Heroin! She discovered Brook.

Brook talks honestly about why she was attracted to Opiates and Heroin in particular and her struggles before coming to Gulf Breeze Recovery. Once Brook arrived, she embraced a whole new understanding resulting in feelings of peace and an enthusiasm for life. Our program is different and produces results. Our guests and their families describe it best!

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