Gulf Breeze Recovery Staff Host Webinar



Reed and Krista Smith of Gulf Breeze Recovery share their experiences working to help people escape addiction and destructive thinking

As one of the co-founders of Gulf Breeze Recovery, Reed Smith shared a vision of being able to apply the principles of innate health and resiliency to those looking to stop their substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Recently, Reed and his wife Krista, who also works at the treatment facility, were asked to host a 90-minute webinar on the Principles of Recovery.

Along with the team of nurses, doctors and psychologists, Reed and Krista have worked to help people transform themselves by gaining a better understanding of the thinking patterns that perpetuate unhealthy living. They have countless hours working within the recovery community, which are frequently challenged physically as well as mentally. People battling addictions are often very resistant to change, and they discussed how they overcome the obstacles of working with an adverse crowd.

As one attendee wrote afterward, ” Love, love, love Reed and Krista talking together! It’s always very potent, and jovial combination of real life insight and fresh perspectives. I know the impact of the work they do first hand.”
Another review stated, ” Reed and Krista share an incredible understanding of an alternative way to look at the solution to addiction. Great webinar!!”

Gulf Breeze Recovery is unlike any other addiction treatment center in the country. Its unique non-12 step approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation continues to work wonders in the way it helps transform people.

According to Reed, “This is not just a job for me, it’s a dream realized. Several years ago I came across some influential authors who led me to my own personal transformation and my life since has been full of blessings and contentment. The principles we teach are not just useful for those struggling with addictions, but I feel are pivotal to a truly successful, happy life, even for my own children!”

Although the webinar was hosted live on April 15th, it can still be viewed here.


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