Gulf Breeze Recovery Non-12 step Rehab Center in Florida

Gulf Breeze Recovery

Welcome to Gulf Breeze Recovery. We are a non-12 step drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in a beautiful waterfront setting in Florida.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

Individualized Therapy

Gulf Breeze Recovery takes a market leadership position in the number of therapy hours available to our guests (clients) to meet their individualized needs.

Individualized Therapy

Effective Life Skills

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The World Health Organization

Effective Life Skills

Private Rooms

During our research it was discovered that the drug and alcohol rehabilitation environment is almost as important as the drug rehab program.

Private Rooms

Good Nutritious Food

The professionals at Gulf Breeze Recovery understand that you or your loved one looks forward to enjoying a good meal.

Good Nutritious Food

Private Beach Areas

Gulf Breeze Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center is nestled directly on the water overlooking Pensacola Beach.

Private Beach Areas

Personal Exercise

We understand how important exercising the body is in the healing process while strengthening the mind and rebuilding confidence.

Personal Exercise

Recreational Therapy

Creates cognitive functioning, builds confidence, develops coping skills and integrates learning acquired in the treatment setting into the community setting.

Recreational Therapy

Gulf Breeze Recovery guarantees a NON-12 step program that allows you to drive beyond your addictions and promotes a new outlook on life. Call: (855) 400-6190

Take a virtual tour of our facility and then watch the video below to see how we are changing the face of addiction treatment!

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Watch Video: “Changing The Face Of Addiction Treatment”

In this in-depth 30-minute video, Barnett and Reed discuss different aspects of this holistic program of recovery that developed at Gulf Breeze Recovery, and the understanding that underlies the reasoning behind all the amenities and teaching that the facility is dedicated to providing it’s guests. See more testimonials

Watch Video: “It’s not about coping here, it’s about being able to thrive!”

An excerpt from Gulf Breeze Recovery Detox Video “Thrive”. Check out what our guests say about our holistic, caring approach. Learn more about our Detox Program

Watch Video: Allison returns to share her story after graduating and enjoying some sober time.

Allison has a great and remarkable story and having some sober time since leaving the facility she really tells her story well! See more testimonials

Watch Video: Why & How Gulf Breeze Recovery Works!
A Whole New Approach to the Treatment of Addiction!
Joe Bailey-Staff Trainer and Holistic Program Consultant

Play VideoWhat is the difference between the holistic approach vs. the 12 step program? Why is it important to move from focusing on “disease” to focusing on health & wellness?

Why Do We Use A Caring Holistic Approach? Because it Works!
Barnett-Chief Administrator of Operations

Play VideoBarnett reviews why Gulf Breeze Recovery in Florida works. Including the fact that this is a healing place vs. an institution. “We treat people as guests vs. being kept and we individualize their program.”

Watch Video: Guest Testimonials
Gulf Breeze Recovery Testimonial-Scotty
Play VideoAfter Scotty had a terrible accident he was introduced to pain meds and eventually heroin! He was also introduced to more than one 12-step rehab before finding Gulf Breeze Recovery’s unique non 12-step program. Here he discovered the difference between rehab and true total health recovery!
Gulf Breeze Recovery Testimonial-Barry
Play VideoBarry says: “Intuition brought him here…” Gulf Breeze Recovery offered an insight that was simple and effective, and he grasped it! Barry not only understood how to relieve his dependence on alcohol, but how to be happy with life and all it’s unlimited potential for joy!
Meet Our Team!

Barnett – Director of Operations
We consistently look inward toward ourselves and program in order to avoid complacency and discover new ways to improve.


Reed – Admissions Coordinator
Our processes uncover fundamental reasons and root underlying causes concerning the addiction. We develop individualized tools for our guests to live a healthy life.


Debbie – Clinical Director
Our individual counseling, group sessions, and developmental activities help develop a workable solution for our guest’s individual goals.


John C. Hayes, MD – Psychiatrist
John C. Hayes, MD brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive background in treating substance abuse and other behavioral health issues.


Larry & Chris – Executive Chefs
All our meals at Gulf Breeze Recovery are nutritious and prepared daily by Chefs Larry and Chris, formerly chefs at a prestigious award-winning fine dining restaurant.

5 Main Components:

Detoxification or Withdrawal
For comfort, all rooms are private and equipped with a flat screen television. Medical staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find Out More

Resistance Reversal
We utilize specific alternative rehabilitation techniques proven to help reverse attitudes to those who are in denial and resistant to treatment. Find Out More

Physical Health Recovery
A combination of healthy eating, restful sleep, vitamin therapy, exercise and light spa therapy. This combination helps prepare you or your loved one for the mental health recovery portion of the program Find Out More

Mental Health Recovery
This portion of the program is based on a neo-cognitive approach focusing on health recovery that has been field tested all over the world with remarkable life-changing results through alternative rehabilitation. Find Out More

Those participating in this option will have continuous access to their personal counselor. Find Out More

15-Part Pledge:
  • We shall always strive to be truthful in describing our treatment facility and program.
  • We shall seek to help meet the needs of each caller in a friendly conversational manner free from sales pressure.
  • The delivery of our program shall always take priority over any and all matters.
  • We shall take an industry leadership position in the number of therapy hours our guests receive.
  • We shall tailor our program to fit each individual’s needs.
  • We shall always endeavor to deliver a treatment environment and program that offers the best chance for complete recovery.
  • We shall hold ourselves accountable and are committed to a quality assurance program designed for continuous improvement.
  • Our facility shall always be kept neat, clean, and comfortable.
  • We shall serve healthy enjoyable meals.
  • As a positive consequence for their hard work, we shall take our guests on weekend outings consisting of going to the beach, canoeing, fishing, bowling, movies, parks, museums, etc.
  • We shall deliver a safe pleasant environment while taking care of our guests’ needs and providing support to their families.
  • Our therapists shall be among the best in the industry and shall receive continuous ongoing training.
  • We shall treat each guest with dignity and respect, providing clear and distinct boundaries.
  • We shall conduct daily and weekly staff meetings to ensure proper communication concerning our guests’ needs.
  • We shall take an industry leadership position in the treatment of addiction problems.