Gulf Breeze Recovery Heroin and Fentanyl Treatment Guest Testimonial “Jay”

After the journey from pills to needles, heroin to Fentanyl, Jay needed more than addiction treatment, he needed life treatment.

Let Jay tell you in 1-minute what "Sealed the deal" with Gulf Breeze Recovery!

Ready to get to the bottom of why you started drinking or using drugs in the first place? Ready to start waking up happy again? Just call us: (855) 433-4480. No telemarketers! Just live folks who work here who can explain how we help our guests do more than survive, we show you how to THRIVE!

How it Began: "It just started with buying some pills in the parking lot."

Jay recalls: "The very first time it made me feel the way I wanted to feel all the time and from that moment on I did everything I could to make it happen." From there Jay's journey took the same route as many from pills to needles, recovery followed by relapse, finally Suboxone treatment for eternity. Relapse becomes chronic and the drugs get harder as the bandaids stop working.

Detox: a crucial step in Gulf Breeze Recovery's Program.

Guests with Opioid addictions often need Gulf Breeze Recovery's medically licensed detox. This is when our guests are most vulnerable and it's our first opportunity to show what respect and love-based holistic recovery is all about. Our Detox wing has a 24-7 nursing staff with private rooms. Combined with spa, and Neurofeedback, we restore a baseline of well-being many of our guests haven't felt for a long time.

If you or your loved needs extensive detoxification from alcohol or substances, Gulf Breeze Recovery's private, medically licensed and fully staffed detoxification wing is a necessary first step towards lasting recovery.

This is where our guests get their first experience of how it feels to receive compassionate care from dedicated and caring healthcare professionals who specialize in making the detox experience not only comfortable but an introduction to the love and respect they can expect to receive at every phase of our transformative program.

Learning to THRIVE at Gulf Breeze Recovery.

After the physical recovery portion of the program, we share the principles of THRIVE Total Health Recovery. These principles help our guests to discover the true nature of thought and how they experience life. This discovery eliminates the need to reach for things outside ourselves, such as drugs and alcohol, for happiness, completion, contentment, a way to "fit in" or overcome insecurity, etc. To have a life-changing "breakthrough" or insight requires time, introspection, group counseling, classes, and therapy; we call it the "Aha" moment.

Our Non-12 Step program is dynamic and transformational. This long-term residential program gives the individual time to restore both physical and mental wellness. Our insight-based drug and alcohol treatment program is supported by one-on-one therapy which starts the change-process of how our guest view and experience life. We've learned a lot about addiction treatment since AA was first introduced. Many people who have experienced traditional treatment and failed to stay sober, find that the individually tailored, cutting edge, compassionate, and holistic program promotes total health recovery and a way to live happy, drug and alcohol free.

image of front of Gulf Breeze Recovery a non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab specializing in helping guests overcome chronic relapse

Gulf Breeze Recovery is considered a long-term residential treatment facility. We are a serious get off and stay off drug and alcohol program, so we don't market ourselves as a "luxury rehab." To be effective, drug and alcohol treatment cannot be viewed as a punishment, so we provide amenities such as a private fishing pier, a new pool overlooking the water, chef prepared meals, private rooms and more to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable as they progress through the different stages of our program. These stages include the initial phase of medically licensed on-site detox, neurofeedback, spa and physical health recovery, along with mental health recovery which include private one-on-one therapy, group counseling and classes to introduce the concepts behind the THRIVE® Total Health Recovery program.

Jay: What I would tell others who want to be more than just "substance free."

The importance Gulf Breeze Recovery places on restoring your healthy sleep schedule, preparing nutritious meals, implementing light exercise, as well as rejuvenating spa treatments is about more than your physical wellness, its about preparing your mind.

Gulf Breeze Recovery non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehab guest testimonial "Jay"

"Finding what you need to be happy from inside of yourself is freedom!" –Jay

Although it's hard to describe their experience in words, our guests try in their own way (watch unscripted testimonials from more of our guests). The basis of our non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment program is about an insightful understanding on how we experience life when we are in our natural healthy and authentic state of being. Changing the relationship with our thinking and experiencing life from a new "inside-out" perspective, the need to use drugs and alcohol doesn't make sense anymore.

Many of our guests have never been aware of the true "inside-out" nature of how we experience life, or maybe some have simply forgotten. Once a person has an insightful understanding of the true nature of thought, everything changes for them.

As we tell our guests, people who have been labeled alcoholic or addicts are not "broken," they have just temporarily lost sight of their innate health and wisdom that is inside all of us.

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Check out some of our features such as our live streaming webcam, Google virtual tour, more unscripted guest testimonials, and our latest feature, "Beyond Addiction" a podcast that explores the frontiers of addiction treatment and explores the inside out understanding that reverses the misunderstanding that is the fertile soil for addiction to take root and grow.

image overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay from Gulf Breeze Recovery live streaming web cam Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.
Web Cam

Visitors to our website see the same view as our guests.

image from our google virtual tour produced by a licensed 3rd party google affiliate from our pool. We are committed to transparency. Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.
Virtual Tour

With our Google virtual tour what you see is what you get.

image from one of our unscripted guest testimonials. Our guests have been extremely generous to allow us to film interviews that are candid and unscripted stories of recovery in their own words. Gulf Breeze Recovery has developed a non 12 step holistic individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

Unscripted testimonials where our guest's tell it like it is.

image from podcast "Beyond Addiction" produced by Gulf Breeze Recovery exploring the cutting edge of addiction treatment from an "inside-out" approach to how we experience life.

Beyond Addiction takes an Innovative Look at Addiction Recovery.

Program logo: Gulf Breeze Recovery offers a true non-12-Step, holistic drug treatment program with licensed mental health professionals who have small caseloads so that they can offer individualized and intensive care and it's called THRIVE®

End Chronic Relapse and Start a New Life!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery we don’t want you to have just a great recovery, we want you to have a great life!

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