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Drug Detox: A Holistic Approach to Rehab.

Medically licensed drug detoxification is crucial for an individual’s success.

For a holistic drug treatment program to be effective, the facility’s drug detox program must be in alignment with the notion that a person’s entire experience, including drug detoxification, is crucial for the individual’s success. How people are cared for during the alcohol or drug detox process carries on for the entirety of their program. If people feel that the facility’s staff cares for them and their experience, they will carry that good feeling into the residential program where both the physical and mental healing takes place. This “good feeling” can be the difference between a positive drug rehabilitation experience and a not-so-positive experience.

level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-center h-responsive-3″ style=”margin-bottom: 12px;margin-top: 12px;margin-left: 12%;margin-right: 12%;”]A holistic drug rehab program focuses on an
“inside-out” approach.[/x_custom_headline]

Traditional drug detoxification and recovery programs usually encourage their participants to act under the notion that there is a chronic weakness to recognize and to indefinitely treat. A holistic drug rehab program like Gulf Breeze Recovery focuses on an “inside-out” approach that immediately communicates to participants that they are not broken and that they have innocently lost their way because of addiction and the subsequent lifestyle. A true holistic approach assists program participants in rediscovering their own inner self-worth and reconnecting with who they really are.

“Inside-out” is simple and easy, but the results are comprehensive and lasting.

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While the phrasing of “inside-out” seems simple and easy to understand, the results of our THRIVE® approach to rehabilitation and drug detoxification are comprehensive and lasting. We encourage mindfulness and awareness while treating the whole person. We hope to encourage an understanding that we are all born with the ability to be happy and to choose how we respond to our thoughts and subsequent feelings. Understanding and recognizing the strength of being the author of their experiences is crucial to the success of any holistic drug rehab’s participants.

Often, individuals battling with addiction to drugs or alcohol misunderstand that they are the recipient of the circumstances and occurrences in their lives. These individuals believe that because something has happened to them or because they are feeling a certain way, they must respond and counter or find comfort from that feeling. They believe that circumstances happening around them are the cause of how they think and feel. This belief is an extension of the “outside-in” way of thinking that is communicated in traditional 12-step recovery programs.

The holistic rehabilitation approach at Gulf Breeze Recovery works, ensuring lasting growth that helps people understand life as it comes. Through our focus on treating the whole person from the inside-out and by recognizing that individuals can be in control of how they react to thought and circumstances, our guests are able to overcome and succeed in the process of drug detoxification and addiction recovery. While unpleasant experiences will still happen, people have the power to choose happiness and to be “captains of their own ship.”

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We don’t want you to have just a great recovery. We want you to have a great life!

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