International Filmmakers Visit Gulf Breeze Recovery

rudijenny3pDocumentary producers seek to share insights of holistic drug rehabilitation facility

Gulf Breeze Recovery has attracted people from different parts of the country seeking an alternative form of addiction treatment. Usually these are individuals who are in need of help for their substance abuse problems, but recently it was a husband and wife team of filmmakers from the UK.
Rudi and Jenny Kennard are the founders of the Innate Wellbeing center in the Essex and also acclaimed filmmakers who have documented successes using the simplified form of psychology used at Gulf Breeze Recovery.

The Kennards recently connected with Gulf Breeze Recovery staff in Minneapolis, MN for a conference and decided they had to travel to Florida to see the facility for themselves.

“This addictions recovery center is a testament to the power of resilience and our innate capacity to recover from the inside out,” exclaimed Rudi Kennard. “Bless all the administration, clinicians and staff for following their hearts and being courageous enough to create such an amazingly safe, friendly and loving place for clients to find themselves and go beyond their labels to the truth of who they are.”
The Kennards display most of their work at, which shows various applications of the approach utilized at the Florida drug rehab facility.

“We were honored to have Rudi and Jenny here,” exclaims program founder Barnett Gilmer. “Their desire to help others by sharing these experiences has had a profound impact on thousands of people throughout the world. We share a similar purpose and want to show people that addiction doesn’t have to be a life-long battle.”

Barnett and his staff are dedicated to helping people recover from substance abuse and related mental health issues by restoring innate health. The Thrive Total Health Recovery program used at Gulf Breeze Recovery uses a holistic approach found exclusively at their facility.

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