Taking the High Out of Marijuana

nidamarijuanaBig international news hit this weekend when scientists with INSERM in France reportedly discovered a molecule that will inhibit the effect of cannabis. The results of the research were published in the journal Science January 3rd.

The hormone known as pregnenolone is produced in the brain and prevents THC, the main active principle in cannabis, from fully activating its brain receptor, which causes the intoxication effect of marijuana when it is overstimulated. According to the INSERM release, “At the neurobiological level, pregnenolone greatly reduces the release of dopamine triggered by THC. This is an important effect, since the addictive effects of drugs involve an excessive release of dopamine.”

What does this mean? Well, for starters there are roughly 20 million people around the world addicted to marijuana, and tens of millions more who use it illegally. This discovery can lead to the development of effective medications for people seeking treatment for cannabis addiction.

Despite the heavy legalization push in several states here in the U.S., the fact still remains that studies have proven long-lasting damaging effects of regular marijuana use. Whether or not someone supports its decriminalization, having more ways to help those wanting to cease their marijuana dependency is definitely a good thing.

Although there continues to be many advances in biology and pharmacology, addiction itself has to be solved on an individual level for each person. There may be many different methods, but all people who successfully beat a substance abuse problem make the decision to be done with it. Their belief in themselves and their chosen methods of treatment to pursue are key, whether this involves marijuana or any other drug.

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