smiling person in session with counselor as part of a dual diagnosis treatment program Florida

Where Can I Find a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program in Florida?

Many people who struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) also need treatment for their mental health. In researching options, looking for dual diagnosis treatment facilities is essential.  Gulf Breeze Recovery is a Florida dual diagnosis treatment center providing top-rated holistic care. Our location in Gulf Breeze, FL., across the bay from Pensacola, offers a unique…

person in session with counselor discussing the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment

What Are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

There is a strong link between mental health issues and substance use disorders. There is no proof that one directly causes the other, but they frequently occur together, and the symptoms of one impact usually impact the other.  Dual diagnosis treatment refers to simultaneously treating two or more issues in the same person. Individuals with…

People sitting in a circle at an intensive outpatient program in Gulf Breeze, FL

Where Can You Find an Intensive Outpatient Program in Gulf Breeze, FL?

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our caring team of addiction treatment specialists knows that searching for help that matches your needs can be overwhelming. If you’re seeking a comprehensive and compassionate approach to overcoming substance use disorders (SUDs), our Gulf Breeze, FL, intensive outpatient program (IOP) may be your ultimate destination. Call 833.551.2304 or contact our…

People sitting in a circle at a partial hospitalization program in Gulf Breeze, FL

Where Can You Find a Partial Hospitalization Program in Gulf Breeze, FL?

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our caring and compassionate team knows that when it comes to seeking help for substance use disorders (SUDs), choosing the right program is fundamental. If you are located in Gulf Breeze, FL, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) at our rehab center may be helpful. We are committed to providing you with an…

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Holistic Drug Rehab vs. 12-Step Drug Rehab

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® program is unlike any other and offers a proven “niche” for those who have struggled with chronic relapse. When you watch the testimonials of past residents, you find that each person’s experience with detox, if needed, and the general entrance into the facility was a pleasant and welcoming transition.