Concerns Grow Over Misuse of Buprenorphine

suboxonesampleMore than ten years ago, buprenorphine hit the market with crital acclaim from government officials and treatment professionals alike. It was seen as a helpful tool to use for opiate withdrawal, but was then later pushed as a maintanence drug as well.

The drug was originally released under the brand names of Subutext and Suboxone (buprenorphine combined with naloxone), but there has since been approval for generic versions as well. When used for withdrawing from heroin or prescription painkillers, the drug continues to work wonders for many people in the form of lessening the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

However, the number of opiate-dependent people turning to buprenorphine as a maintenance drug has increased significantly, as well as associated problems with the drug. Buprenorphine has found its way to the streets where addicts will use it and abuse it, leaving some people questioning its overall benefits if it is diverted in such a manner.

“The benefits of the appropriate medical use of Suboxone probably far outweigh the potential for abuse,” says Eric Wish, director of the Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland. “But those benefits will be jeopardized if we don’t take care of this abuse issue.”

Buprenorphine sales have increased at least ten-fold since 2006 and now approach $1.5 billion annually. Perhaps the tendency to continue to look for pharmaceutical solutions has been a large contributor to the addiction problem in America.

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