Demand for Heroin Still Rising


The most in-demand illicit drugs in this country used to be cocaine and marijuana. The drug cartels in Mexico and South America would mass produce these substances for addicts in the United States and smuggle them across the border on well-developed routes. In the last several years though, the demand for cocaine has gone down and the number of people who purchase marijuana illegally off the streets has plummeted due to legalization in some areas.

Over the years, millions of people have developed an addiction to heroin, especially with the influx of prescription painkillers. As more and more people got hooked on painkillers, a new generation of opiate abusers was born.

Over time, legislative and awareness campaigns began to restrict the ease of availability of these painkillers. That, combined with the need for addicts to get something stronger and cheaper, led to an increasing demand for heroin.

As a result, many drug cartels that used to focus on smuggling marijuana or cocaine have now reportedly moved on to heroin. The demand is so high, and unfortunately continues to rise, that it is becoming more common to hear about heroin overdoses in suburban neighborhoods throughout America.

While the United States and Mexican governments are supposedly working to get the drug cartels under control, more responsibility falls on the United States in terms of its treatment and prevention efforts. Unfortunately, as long as there is a demand and lots of money can be made, someone will always be willing to take on the risk of supplying these deadly drugs.


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