Divorce Can Lead to More Drug Use Among Teens, Young Adults


When people look at reasons that lead to drug use among people of all ages, there are often specific difficulties that they are faced with that they are seeking some sort of relief from. For children and adolescents, the splitting up of their family through divorce can be a major factor.

Marijuana use has increased again throughout the country, and many treatment and prevention specialists point toward more availability of the drug through medical marijuana dispensaries and legalization in some states.

Despite efforts to keep the drug away from young people, a recent investigation in Los Angeles, CA revealed teens buying marijuana from adults next to a medical marijuana shop, which indicates the behavior is occurring elsewhere as well.

Now that marijuana is becoming more available and underage use is increasing, some researchers are continuing to look into what factors may push a child or young adult to abuse the drug. One study conducted in Switzerland shows that children who have divorced parents are more likely to abuse marijuana than children who grow up in homes with both parents.

“In line with prior results showing that children who are exposed to family problems, including family disruption and conflict, are more likely to use drugs such as cannabis in both adolescence and young adulthood,” explained the study.

The study indicates that in order to handle the growing threat marijuana poses to children and teenagers, a more in-depth examination needs to be taken as to how divorces can be minimized and healthy marriages cultivated. This has been a long-standing problem in The United States, as more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Researchers interviewed several young men, all in their twenties, and it was discovered that children whose parents were divorced were twice as likely to experiment with marijuana.

The study also examined the longstanding argument that marijuana is a gateway drug. While current arguments against this claim that marijuana does not lead to further, more dangerous drug use, there was reference to a study in England where heroin addicts were interviewed and all admitted to first abusing marijuana.


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