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judgepollackBroward County circuit judge Gisele Pollack recently admitted to a local news channel that she had sought treatment again for substance abuse issues. The revalation comes after she stormed off the bench following an outburst of emotion earlier this month.

There are many times when public officials have fallen into the trap of substance abuse, including a recent Florida politician, but in this case Judge Pollack presided over a drug court. Yes, she was deciding on cases of people who were abusing substances while she was also doing the same.

Commentors on the news story have differing opinions, as roughly half want her severely punished and the other half are showing deep compassion for her situation and gratitude for her service. For now she has been allowed to continue her job while undergoing outpatient treatment, but is it the right decision? Perhaps some type of administrative leave would be better while she is able to deal with the problems she is facing.

If Judge Pollack completes her relapse treatment and is able to remain successfully clean, then she will serve as an example to many who appear before her drug court that working hard, being honest and seeking help can lead you down the path of a better life.

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