Gulf Breeze Recovery Testimonial-Courtney

Ending heroin was just the beginning at Gulf Breeze Recovery


After a 6-year battle with heroin addiction, Courtney chose Gulf Breeze Recovery for her first rehab. Judging from how she caught the buzz from our inside out, insight based, life affirming program for recovery, we think it will be her last! Our holistic drug rehab program appealed to her desire for a non 12-step program in a beautiful water front setting on Florida’s beaches. What she didn’t realize that in addition to ending a 6 year long addiction to heroin, our simple but effective principle based program would provide her with the insights to live happy and healthy in all areas of her life!
Gulf Breeze Recovery is a longer term holistic recovery center that guarantees a non-12 step program that allows you to drive beyond your addictions and promotes a new outlook on life.
Our facility overlooks beautiful Pensacola Beach and features private rooms, medical detox, healthy and nutritious meals prepared by our executive chef, exercise, spa and more! We take an industry leadership position in the number of therapy hours provided.

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