Recognizing Red Ribbon Week

redribbonweekEach year Red Ribbon Week is observed from October 23rd through the 31st. Created by the National Family Partnership in 1985, the celebration is often called national drug prevention week. More than any other time throughout the school year, there is a greater chance of children receiving drug education and prevention messages this week.

Gulf Breeze Recovery encourages open discussion about substance abuse and how to help protect our kids from falling into the trap of addiction. The National Family Partnership has developed the following pledge for adults as a guideline worth considering:

– As parents and citizens, we will talk to our children and the children in our lives about the dangers of drug abuse.
– We will set clear rules for our children about not using drugs.
– We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription.
– We will monitor our children’s behavior and enforce appropriate consequences, so that our rules are respected.
– We will encourage family and friends to follow the same guidelines to keep children safe from substance abuse.

It is up to all of us to help prevent substance abuse. The responsibility isn’t just on parents, teachers, law enforcement, treatment centers or other healthcare providers. Investing in our children helps to ensure a more stable future for everyone.

Drug and alcohol abuse prevention can come in many ways. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of talking about substances. Many studies have documented the value in families spending quality time together, and there are plenty of other activities to help keep kids healthy mentally and physically active in school, sports, music, volunteering and other positive groups or hobbies.

If you would like more information about the National Red Ribbon Campain, check out If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse, contact us today to find out more about our program and how we can help.

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