How Drug Interventions Can Be Successful

Young and senior women holding handsLet’s face it, not everyone who becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs is immediately ready to receive help. In fact, very few substance abusers will ask for that type of help or are willing to go to treatment at first.

While it is true that you cannot force someone to change who isn’t ready, it is also true that there things that can be done to help lead them in that direction. This is where interventions come into the picture.

Sometimes drug and alcohol interventions get a bad rap, either from methods used by a few that give a negative image to the field, or because of misconceptions among the general public. Family interventions aren’t about force or punishment.

In reality most family interventions are very civil. Family members and friends communicate their concern for the individuals struggling with substance abuse and offer help with love and support. From our experience, more than three quarters of interventions wind up being successfully completed – meaning the person needing help enters into a rehabilitation program or some form of treatment.

Once individuals agree to accept help then the process can continue on to get them to not only be willing to change, but to accept that they can change their minds and behaviors. The chances of a complete recovery increase when the right program is matched up for the person, as the individual is more compliant with the treatment and has more faith that it will work.

If you have a friend or family member in need of help and would like to know more about interventions and treatment, contact Gulf Breeze Recovery today. We can share with you why our program works and also get you in touch with drug and alcohol intervention specialists.

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